FIFA 23 Timed Finishing Guide

FIFA 22: How to Use Timed Finishing

Electronic Arts’ FIFA 23 is back with a bang with better graphics, updated squads, and an even better interface, along with some minor changes and bugs that are taken care of in the latest version.

Timed Finishing or Timed shots have been brought back by the EA in FIFA 23 Timed finishing is used to score amazing goals with an extra finesse to your strikers and their shots. 

It might take time to master the Timed Finishing technique, but once it’s done you can score screamers from absolutely impossible positions on the pitch. Timed Finishing is a handy technique to have whether you play FIFA Ultimate Team or just casually with your friends.

We are here to help you learn the Timed Finishing technique.

Timed Finishing In FIFA 23

Before we start with the tutorial on Timed Finishing, let us tell you more about the in-game mechanic of the shooting technique from within FIFA 23 itself.

Triggering a timed finish is comparatively easy. All you need to do is press the “shoot” button twice instead of holding it once. The precision and timing of the second tap on the shoot button are much more important than the first as it decides the result of the contact with the ball.

It determines the trajectory and the shot power, the longer you hold the more power your shot acquires. 

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When you time the finish perfectly, the shot will have perfect accuracy and power making it almost impossible for the goalkeeper to defend. But when the shot is poorly timed, the ball is most likely to miss the target.

When you start FIFA 23, Timed Finishing is turned on by default in the game. When you are building up your attack near or in your opponent’s box, press the circle button on Playstation or the B button on Xbox to initiate your shot.

Once pressed, quickly press it again to perform a timed finishing. 

Gauging Timed Finishing

One way to know how well you have timed your shot is by the color of the arrow on your player’s head or at the lower side of the screen above your player’s name. If the color is green, it means you have perfectly timed the shot.

If the color flashes red, it means you have not timed it quite well and your player is most likely to send it away in the crowds. When you press the second button, make sure it is at least one or two frames after your first button press for the most effective results. 

Although, timed finishing is more about muscle memory. The more you practice the technique, the more you will understand when to release the second tap. The timing of the second tap makes all the difference.

You can only master the timed finishing with practice, the technique will grow on you as you score more and more goals using it.

Every FIFA player wants to score long-range top corner screamers and when closer to the goalkeeper putting the ball into the top corner is the best way to go with. Timed finishing is probably the best way to score goals without giving any chance to the goalkeeper.

When you perfectly time the shot towards the goal, 9 out 10 times your player will score and the technique is easy to master. 

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How to Turn Off Timed Finishing In FIFA 23

If you wish to turn off timed finishing and learn more shooting techniques, here’s how you can do it.

  1. Head to the main menu and choose the ‘Customize’ tab in the section.
  2. Then select ‘Controller Settings’ under the customize tab.
  3. Here you will find ‘Timed Finishing’, simply turn it off. 

There you go, you’ve just mastered timed finishing and have an edge over your opponents.

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