Remnant: From The Ashes Bosses Tier List 2023: Every Boss Ranked

Ent Remnant From The Ashes Bosses

Remnant from the ashes is undoubtedly the best game which was inspired by the Soul Series of games. Unlike many other games, Remnant took the original Soul formula and made it their own; they incorporated many new and exciting features that made the game stand out in the market.

Remnant did many things right, from procedurally generated maps that increase the replayability to collecting the various cool weapons you can manage, In the game. Remnant became a fan favorite in no time.

The game is now regarded as one of the most iconic ones in the last couple of years.

Like any other great game, Remnant also has a lot of bosses which need to be defeated. There are 28, to be precise, now. If you think that’s a significant number, wait till you encounter the stronger ones; it’ll quickly take you months to get through some of these beasts!

Remnant: From The Ashes Bosses Tier List

Today, we will be ranking these bosses, not based on their looks or how much the fandom loves them, but on their strength. The bosses at the top will be the hardest ones, while those at the bottom are the easiest ones to be dealt with, so without much further ado, let’s dive into the list!

28. Shroud (Earth: Tainted Well)

Shroud (Earth: Tainted Well)

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Probably your first boss encounter will be against the hellish-looking shroud. But a sit is one of the starting level bosses; you can’t expect much of a fight against him. His HP goes down on a whim; even if you’re not the most skilled player out there, taking out Shroud will be an easy job.

It mainly depends on the enemies that try to attack us while fighting shroud!

27. Totem Father (Yaesha: Tempest Court)

Totem Father (Yaesha: Tempest Court)

The thing remnant is known for is the weird and cool battle mechanics its bosses have in the game.

Totem Ftahre can be a pain in the bit if you want to find it for a long time. But that won’t be the case as the boss is easy to hit from a range; he mainly jumps from pillar to pillar and stops to attack, leaving himself vulnerable in the process.

Blink Thief (Yaesha: Forgotten Undercroft)

This entry will be controversial as many Remnant players have had a bad experience with this boss.

The thing is, Blink Thief appears out of nowhere in a dungeon, and you’ve got to kill him when you have the chance, or he’ll teleport never to be seen again. Literally, you’ll never see him again in the playthrough!

25. Scourge (Rhorn: The Hive)

Scourge (Rhorn: The Hive)

Not the toughest ones, but still, if you’re not careful enough, the scourge can wipe you off quickly. The radiation orbs are what you have to look out for; apart from that, the match should be easy enough.

24. Canker (Corsus: Mire Hollow)

Canker (Corsus: Mire Hollow)

Canker is nothing but a shit show for players; the boss feels like a filler episode in the middle of an epic adventure. It looks like a giant blob of slime and throws slime in random directions and also sends waves.

The only thing ranking it higher than the others is its side mobs which can inflict damage.

23. Ixillus (Corus: The Grotto)

Ixillus (Corus: The Grotto)

Swipes, Bombs, and Orbs! The boss swipes into you with charged melee attacks. Ixillius is a force to be reckoned with if you haven’t pinned down the shooting in the game. , It also spawns the second version of it on the opposite side, making the fight even harder!

22. Claviger (Rhom: Spindle)

Claviger (Rhom: Spindle)

Claviger is one tanky foe to be dealt with; his insane high HP and then he summons minions to defend itself, you have to work hard to kill every mob and deal with the boss as well.

21. Singe (Earth: Ash Yard)

Singe is one of the first bosses that have an open arena to himself to wreak havoc. The boss has a multitude of different attacks that can really hurt you badly. But most of the damage will come from the burn effect, which isn’t that dangerous, to begin with.

20. Unclean One (Corsus: Shack)

Unclean One (Corsus: Shack)

The unclean one is almost a stereotype in the dungeon adventure games. Though the Boss may seem slow, the mobs keep you distracted while the boss hammers you like crazy! The Unclean One is a big giant ogre who wants to stay in solitude, and you’re the one messing up his vibe, so you’ll be getting a hammer in your head.

19. Ravager (Yaesha: Ravager’s Haunt)

Yes, Remnant also has a wolf boss; it is expected at this point.

The ravager is a strange case; it stands ideal in one place, leaving itself open to attacks, and then suddenly pounces on you like it has been taken over by some demonic spirit. The attacks are unpredictable, so you get slammed.

18. The Warden (Earth: The Ring of trials)


The warden would’ve been a boss that you hated to face off against if it were in an arena. But the battle that takes place is easy for the player as the mobs that the warden spawn can be dealt with in the corridors.

17. Thrall (Corsus: The Musk Forge)

Thrall is considered to be the most irritating of all the bosses out there. It summons two elite-level creatures at you, and they are hard to get rid of. To add to our misery, the normal mobs that come to attack you leave a leech behind when killed.

And the Thrall just teleports around, making the situation worse.

16. Stormcaller (Yaesha: Martyr’s Garden)

Stormcaller (Yaesha: Martyr’s Garden)

Stormcaller summons a crazy amount of elemental minions who are really pesky in their attacks; they chip away a ton of damage before getting killed. The storm caller himself isn’t an easy foe; though his HP is not that great, his ranged electric shocks will surely leave baffled!

15. Maul (Rhom: Stalker’s Den)

Maul may look and sound like a weak enemy on paper, but taking him head-on is one of the hardest things you’ll do in the game. Maul isn’t too strong on itself; the minions it summons are the pesky ones that chop away damage for the most part.

They are super fast and do damage pretty quickly if you don’t shoot them down.  

14. Root Horror (Yaesha: Strange Curio)

 Root Horror (Yaesha: Strange Curio)

It spawns this weird root creature who has really random and bizarre attack patterns. Now just like the Maul, the root horror isn’t a powerful enemy; in fact, you can kill him really quickly if it weren’t for its minions distracting you.

Nonetheless, they are minions at the end and get killed easily. But the Root status effect is what makes this battle more difficult.

13. The Harrow (Rhom: Bunker)

The harrow is a big ogre-like giant creature with long stretching arms. Its primary attack is the melee swipe that most big bosses use in the game, so hitting him isn’t that hard. That being said, it has decent HP and makes a run when taking too much damage.

Once it retreats, it summons its minions. If you don’t take care of them at once, you’ll be stuck trying to alternate between the Harrow and his minions, which is a recipe for disaster!

12. Ent (Earth: The choking Hollow)

Ent (Earth: The choking Hollow)

The ent is one giant root enemy; it constantly attacks you with a barrage of balls that randomly make you cough, inflicting the root rot effect. In addition to it, his minions are tough to beat as well.

The ent could’ve been higher on the list, but he becomes manageable once you break his legs.

11. Gorefist (Earth: Grinder)

Gorefist is an enemy that not everyone will face; there is s 50% chance that either Gorefist or the Shroud will spawn in your game.

But Gorefist is one tough nut to crack; his minions are probably the best ones in the game. They omes near you and explode, making it hard to spot Gorefist, whose 3 hit combo is enough to take you down if not careful.

10. Onslaught (Yaesha: Noble’s Rest)

Onslaught (Yaesha: Noble’s Rest)

Onslaught is the best boss to kick off our top ten. It is a giant beast that mainly uses melee attacks to cause damage, but that’s not what sets it apart. The boss can teleport at random places in the arena, and you can’t even judge where it will land next. 

The Stun effect it causes makes the battle even worse. Get stuck between his melee attacks while being stunned, and you’re done for.

9. Ancient Construct (Rhom: Control Rod)

Thre ancient construct maybe a boss like the Maul or root horror that depends on their minions, but his minions are on a whole new level. It summons two turrets at a time which shred through your hp so fast that you won’t even get to turn and attack them. 

The barrage of attacks directed at you makes it really hard to comprehend the situation. Meanwhile, the Ancient construct keeps throwing radiation balls at you

Shatter and shade (Rhom: Hall of the faithful)

8. Shatter and shade (Rhom: Hall of the faithful)

Shatter and shade are some of the most well-designed battles of the game. They both attack you simultaneously, but one is melee, and the other is ranged. Once and of them, one will shield themselves from the attacks and send radiation balls flying at you.

But if you nail down their attack patterns, you won’t have to worry about them that much. That being said, the battle will still be hard.

7. The Mangler (Earth: The Artery)

The Mangler is really hard to take out on your first try, even on your second if you’re not careful enough. The boss turns into a ball and charges towards you at super speed! Though the damage caused by his rolls and minions isn’t that much, once his HP drops below 50%, you’re done for.

The Mangler gets bigger and charges at the same speed, but the damage output is crazy high. If you fail to doge even a single attack, you’ll get killed!

6. Raze (Rhom: The Lair of the eyeless)

Raze is a weird entry, to say the least. In theory, he shouldn’t even be in the top ten, but it is. Raz is a floating triangle that only spits fireballs at you. But the catch is, you won’t be able to dodge even a single blow from this formidable foe. The intensity with which he spits these balls is just crazy.

5. Brabus (Earth: The Depot)

Brabus (Earth: The Depot)

Brabus is the first entry on the list which looks like the form he’s an earthly being. He spawns a lot of minions, and when it says a lot, I mean a lot! That being said, don’t let his humanoid form fool you; he is one brutal enemy to take down.

So much so that the main boss will just approach you slowly and you won’t be able to take care of him!

4. Scald and Sear (Yaesha: Warden’s pulpit)

The 4th position should’ve been given to scald himself, but it spawns with the sear, so we have not put him on the list. Sear is a timid boss who goes down quickly, but Scald is one formidable enemy.

He’ll constantly hide and run away from you and attack you from range, and if you even come in the vicinity of his attack, get ready to burn.

3. Re-animator (Yaesha: Radiant Tomb)

Re-animator (Yaesha: Radiant Tomb)

Re-animator isn’t a boss; it. Is just a tower spawning minions. But the minions it spawns are boss-level threats from the early game, so you’re in for a treat, to say the least! 

2. Dreamer/Nightmare (Ward 17)

The dreamer might be an easy kill if you’ve made it so far. He can be killed by any player in the game, but once a nightmare appears, you’re in danger. Nightmare is literally a boss which will need 2-3 players to take it down, and you’ll probably die a lot of times before even hurting him.

Not to mention the alternate dimension he sends you into at regular intervals, the battle is terrifying and well-deserving of the runner up spot

1. Undying King (Rhom: Hall of the undying)

Undying King (Rhom: Hall of the undying)

The undying king is the hardest in the game, in fact, he’s so hard players contemplate quitting the game at this point. The immortal king starts off like any boss by summoning minions. Still, these minions are some of the toughest you’ll ever encounter.

And he also summons orbs that shoot at you at crazy speeds. Play at a snail’s pace, and you’re done for; all these minions will overwhelm you, not to mention the main boss strolls towards you, and when he reaches, boom. He slashes multiple times, taking away 25% of your HP in a swoop.

If you give him time, he’ll just go back to his throne to regenerate his health! And once you kill him, he rises back from the dead. The name isn’t for show; he really is the undying king and well-deserving of the number 1 spot!

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