FIFA 23: How to Do A Bicycle Kick (Guide)

FIFA 22: How to Do A Bicycle Kick

FIFA players often seek creative ways to crush their opponents. So it can get a little tedious scoring in the conventional sense.

Once you’ve mastered the basics, it is not usual to start seeking advanced moves. I can speak from personal experience that using special moves is almost a matter of pride for some players.  

Goals made by bicycle kicks are one such move. Many FIFA players attempt this move, but unfortunately, many are unsuccessful. 

However, it is a very cool sight if you manage to pull off the move. Also, it shows your opponents that they’re not dealing with an amateur. Though, I’m not saying that if you can perform the move, you’ll immediately become an expert FIFA player.

The Bicycle is very similar to scoring with the rabona. You’re supposed to get your goal at the back of the net. 

In this article, I will give you all the information that you will need to perform the Bicycle Kick. With a little practice and the knowledge I’ll provide, you will most definitely perform it easily.

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FIFA 23 Bicycle Kick Overview

The Bicycle Kick, which is also called the Overhead Kick and the Scissors Kick is a particular form of acrobatic strike. 

The player the ball kicked into the goal while both the ball and the player are mid-air. The Player throws his body backward and the ball is kicked just before he reached the ground. 

A successful Bicycle Kick will ensure that your ball reaches the net. An unsuccessful Kick can be very dangerous and quite funny at the same time. 

But if you still have trouble visualizing The Bicycle Kick, you should look for clips of prominent footballers performing it (Youtube is filled with them of course). Footballers such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Cristiano Ronaldo are some of the more prominent examples. 

How to do a Bicycle Kick in FIFA 23

Several things can go wrong when you’re trying to perform an Overhead Kick. An inappropriate position of your player, if your ball is crossed too close to your target player or in front of him are just some of the things that can fail your Overhead Kick. 

To pull off the Overhead Kick, you should first make sure your ball makes it into a space behind the player. After that, hold the L2 key (LT key for Xbox) and then press the shoot (O) button (For Xbox press the B button). And make sure you are aiming towards the net using your left analog key. 

If you pull all of this without a hitch, your ball will certainly end up at the back of the net and you will have successfully performed the Bicycle Kick. 

You can perform this with almost every player in the game. But it is ideal to attempt it using a striker as they have a much higher success rate. 

Things to keep in Mind to perform a Bicycle Kick in FIFA 22

This article has probably dumped a lot of information on you at once. But you should know that the Bicycle Kick is not a very hard move to pull off. 

If you keep a few things in minds such as your technique, timing, and positioning, you should be able to perform the kick with no errors. 

You should make sure that your ball is crossed behind your player. This enables your player to turn around and perform the maneuver. 

And don’t forget, you will require considerable practice before you can master the Bicycle Kick. If you fail to perform the first few times, don’t give up. 

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