How to Chip In FIFA 22

How to Chip In FIFA 22

FIFA is THE GAME in any segment. Whether you own a Nintendo, an Xbox, a PlayStation, or even a mobile or a PC, Fifa was one of the first games you downloaded or bought.

It just kept getting better and better with every year’s releases. In my opinion, that’s what makes Fifa a game-changer. Consistent updates and stay up to date with everything.

Chip shots are one of the most stylish and flamboyant shots in soccer or football if you prefer.

They are also among the best weapons a professional FIFA player can possess. The chip lets players show off their composure under pressure and seriously outplays their opponents, making them think twice about their skills.

There are different ways of scoring goals in the game, and the Chip shot is one of them, being the most difficult shot to execute in real-time, but hey, in a gaming console, all you need to do, is press some buttons.

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How to do a chip shot in FIFA 22

Depending upon your platform, there are various combinations to be executed.

  • Hold L1 and press the circle button to execute this shot if you are on a PlayStation.
  • Hold L and press the A button if you are on a Nintendo.
  • If you are using the Xbox series, hold LB and press the B button.

All of this will ensure that you execute a chip shot.

But, is that all?

No, they only do the basic required work.

Scoring goals in Fifa involve a lot of calculations in the distance, time, power input to the shot, etc. To nail it, you need to stay consistent and practice.

With chip shots, there is a lot of room for error; if you use too much force, the ball will fly over it, and if you use too little, the goalkeeper can easily gather it. It’s also the shot that requires the most preparation because it can only be used under a particular set of conditions.

The best situation for a chip shot is typically a 1-on-1 situation with the goalkeeper rushing out and plenty of space around the attacker. As little space as possible should be left for them to get back and catch the ball in the air by the goalkeeper, who should be as far from his line or as close to going to the ground as possible.

When the ball is on the penalty spot with a panenka penalty, there is also the chance to unleash a chipped shot. The ultimate cheek move in Fifa is the panenka penalty, which demands a steely nerve and deft execution to pull off.

A panenka penalty, like a shot in open play, requires a keen awareness of the game because getting it wrong will make even the most seasoned players look foolish.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about Chip shots and their execution in FIFA ’22.

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