FIFA 22: How to Redeem Wildcard Tokens

FIFA 22: How to Redeem Wildcard Tokens

FIFA 22 is known for its creative promo events that are hugely popular among players all over the globe. Ever since FIFA started running events, the challenge presented to the fan base has been hugely appreciated and the players seemed to ask for more. 

FIFA 22 is currently running the Winter Wildcards event. After a long wait, the new Winter Wildcard event is finally here for the fans. We are about to take a look at how to redeem Wildcard tokens and take advantage of this event to the fullest.

The Wildcard swaps event was live from 26th December 2021 and is supposed to be available for the fans till the promo ends.

A user can get player promo packs along with some exclusive player items in the Winter Wildcard event when redeemed using Wildcard tokens. The wildcard tokens are required to open any pack in this event, players need to collect more and more tokens as they play.

FIFA 22 Wildcard Tokens

The Winter Wildcard tokens can be won by completing multiple challenges such as Squad Building Challenges (SBCs), Daily Challenges, Weekly Challenges, Objectives, Marquee Matchups, and much more.

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A player card will be featured in the Wildcard token from the Winter Wildcards Roster which can be used for redemption of a reward in the wildcards swap prize pool.  

The new holiday-themed Winter Wildcard promo event may be new to some players, the previous events like Icon Swaps and FIFA Global Series events used the ‘Swaps’ as a reward system. Players all over the globe seemed to like it when EA sports wisely decided to tie the ‘Swaps’ with a new holiday-themed Winter Wildcard event.

The Winter Wildcard event is new to many FIFA players, but ‘Swaps’ have previously been used by Ea Sports in events like Icon Swaps and FIFA Global Series. Considering the holiday spirit among all the players, EA sports made a wise decision of introducing ‘Swaps’ in the new holiday-themed Winter Wildcard promo event. 

The Winter Wildcard promo event will present a number of rewards to all the players which can be redeemed using the Winter Wildcard tokens.

Winter Wildcard Promo Event

Let’s have a look at the list of rewards offered in the Winter Wildcard promo event. 

  • One Rare Players pack for 2 tokens.
  • 81-89 rated x10 Players pack for 3 tokens.
  • Icon Home and Away kits for 5 tokens.
  • One Ultimate Pack for 5 tokens. 
  • One Winter Wildcard Christian Gunter for 8 tokens.
  • One Winter Wildcard Patson Daka for 12 tokens.
  • 85+ rated x10 Players pack for 15 tokens.

All the players must note that once the tokens are redeemed and rewards are collected, FIFA will not return any tokens. All the rewards obtained are untradeable.

To redeem the Winter Wildcard tokens obtained by the players for the Winter Wildcard swaps, players will first need to go to the ‘Swaps’ tab. You can find the tab in the ‘Squad Building challenges’ section.

Next, you will see the complete list of all the rewards offered in the Winter Wildcard event. You can choose as per your liking and redeem the coins.

The Winter Wildcard tokens will expire once the promo event ends, hence all the players should take advantage of the event to the fullest and hop on to this wicked opportunity of strengthening their squad.


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