Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

The Xbox Game Pass may not be the only service that lets you play many video games for a singular price, but it’s the only one that offers so many AAA games within the first year of their release. Not only that but many first and third-party games become available on the service day one too – which is almost unbelievable.

As such, it’s no surprise that gamers expect many big video game releases to show up on the Xbox Game Pass sooner or later. And since Hogwarts Legacy is finally out and has such a massive player count – everyone wants to know if it’s coming to the Game Pass.

After all, the Xbox Game Pass is available not only on the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S but also on PC, which means that millions of people get to experience its benefits. And all of those players want to know if Hogwarts Legacy is coming to Game Pass or not.

So, without wasting any time, let’s answer that question!

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Is Hogwarts Legacy on Xbox Game Pass?

Currently, Hogwarts Legacy is unavailable on the Xbox Game Pass. There were no intentions of adding it to the service at the time of the release, so it’s only available as a full game purchase on the Xbox and PC platforms.

Is Hogwarts Legacy Coming to Xbox Game Pass?

Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy is not currently coming to the Xbox Game Pass. There are no plans to bring the game to the service; the only way you can play it right now is to buy it.

This is because Hogwarts Legacy sold over 12 million copies within a month of its release, earning Warner Bros. Games over $850 million. With such a successful project, offering it to gamers for free would be counterproductive.

Xbox Game Pass usually gets major video games after they no longer sell that much, or if Microsoft funds them to any extent. Since Hogwarts Legacy does not fall under either of these two categories for now – it makes total sense that it’s not a part of any service.

With all of that being said, though, it’s still possible for Hogwarts Legacy to be a part of the Xbox Game Pass in the future once its sales slow down. Warner Bros. owns Mortal Kombat 11, which is available on the Game Pass – so the company is not opposed to this practice.

So, if you wait a couple of months, Hogwarts Legacy might come to the Xbox Game Pass for you to play without any additional fees. But for now, there are no plans to bring it to the service, so you should keep your fingers crossed.

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Hogwarts Legacy is available on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Soon, it will be launched on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, so keep an eye out for the best deals you can find on your platform.

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