Dark Souls Daughters of Ash Mod: How to Get it

Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls

The first Dark Souls is one of the best atmospheric role-playing video games of its time and truly brought the franchise on the map despite being a follow-up to Demon’s Souls. It featured an expansive world that allowed great freedom to the player, creative co-op capabilities, and extremely challenging gameplay that took the internet by a storm.

While the sequels have expanded greatly on what the first game offered and provided players with experiences that are excellent in their own right, there is something about Dark Souls 1 that still makes it feel like a unique experience of its own that deserves a lot of praise. After all, it was the turning point that would give birth to a beloved trilogy.

Unfortunately, you can only play the same game for so long without realizing that there’s nothing left to be done. Although Dark Souls 1 is a long game with a lot of content, it’s just natural to be done with a game once you’ve played it for long enough. Fortunately for PC players – there’s something left to be done once you’ve beaten the main game.

The Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls 1 is here to save the day regardless of whether you have the first release or the remaster, as it provides players with an overhaul that will have you return to the game once more with so much more to do that you didn’t have before.

It can be time-consuming to find the trusted websites to get the mod from, so we’ll help you get the mod in a few easy steps. Let’s get started!

What is Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls 1?

Daughters of Ash is a mod for Dark Souls 1 that gives the game a complete overhaul. While it is emphasized that it reuses assets instead of creating anything new – the mod changes the game significantly. Notable changes include:

  • Changes in progression – There are world-changing events, differences in key items, and new paths that you can take
  • New enemies and bosses which includes restored content that was originally cut from the game, as well as changes in behavior and difficulty 
  • New weapons, items, and mechanics include new abilities that did not exist before. This greatly mixes up how the game works thanks to a difference in match-ups.
  • Expanded lore added to the game which does not contradict the original story and simply contributes to it
  • A lot of hidden content that makes the mod worth a replay once you’ve already beaten it.

So, there are many new changes and the game will feel almost entirely like a sequel, or at least an official expansion of the original game. And luckily, it works on the remastered version of the game too – so you have nothing to worry about. Now that we’re done with the introduction, let’s talk about how you can get this mod and install it.

How to get Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls and Dark Souls Remastered

If you’ve come this far – it means you want to install the Daughters of Ash mod to your game right now and enjoy the dozens of hours’ worth of content that it offers. Fortunately, it’s not at all complicated as we’ve broken it down into simple steps. So, let’s start the process right away.

Step 1 – Go to Nexus Mods

 Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls

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Nexus Mods is the best site you can go to for mods without viruses as it is considered reputable within the gaming community. So, the first thing to do here is to open the site by clicking ‘here’.

Step 2 – Search for the Daughters of Ash Mod for Dark Souls 1

Click on the search bar on the top right of the website.

Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls

Once you’ve clicked it, there will be a wider search bar to type in. Simply write ‘Daughters of Ash’ and hit the search button.

 Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls

Once you’ve hit the search button, it will give you all of the options that exist on the site. But you can also select quickly from one of the quick results as shown in the screenshot above.

 Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls

As you can see, there are multiple options here. If you have the normal Dark Souls, then open the first result. If you have Dark Souls Remastered, then open that instead. And if you need one of the translations – then open one of those. The mod also works on the Prepare to Die Edition.

Step 3 – Download and Install the Daughters of Ash Mod

 Daughters of Ash mod for Dark Souls

You simply have to scroll down to the download section now that you’ve opened the mod variation that you need. Once you have the files, follow the easy instructions provided on the download page – and then congratulations to you! You finally have the Daughters of Ash mod on Dark Souls.

We hope that this guide helped you out, and we’re here to answer any questions that you might have in the comments below. And while you’re around, make sure to check out some of our other helpful gaming guides too!

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