How to Get All Layers of Fear 2 Endings

Layers of Fear 2 Formless Ending

It’s not easy to make a genuinely good horror game as it’s a genre that is generally filled with shovelware. However, there are some horror games that we see every once in a few years that truly win gamers over, whether it’s due to the sheer intensity that the gameplay offers, the aspect of instilling fear into the heart of the player, or the storyline that makes you feel like the events took place in the real world. 

Layers of Fear 2 is an incredible adventure that takes you into the deep depths of a haunted cruise ship and it has three different endings that the player can achieve.

Having multiple endings rewards the players for having different playstyles, which leads to different outcomes – while it’s also a great way to add replayability for those who wish to play the game again. 

It can take a while to figure out how you can get every ending on your own, so we decided to make a thorough guide for that to save your precious time. So, let’s get started on how to get all Layers of Fear 2 endings!

Every Ending in Layers of Fear 2

There are several choices in the game that determines which ending your playthrough will lead to and eventually, you will meet the fate that has been laid out for you. All three of the endings have different requirements that have to be completed in terms of the choice selection, and then you will have that ending play for you once the game ends. 

We’ll try to keep the spoilers at a minimum, but if you haven’t played the game already, you will certainly learn some things you might not have known already.

Layer of Fear 2 Forever Ending

Layer of Fear 2 Forever Ending

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The point of this ending is to disobey the director at every turn possible, which is achieved by doing the opposite of what’s told. The choices you must make, more specifically, are:

  • Chapter 1: Shoot the man on the left side
  • Chapter 2: Give up and give the meat to the dog
  • Chapter 3: Shoot the puppets on the sides of the woman
  • Chapter 4: Run towards the end of the hallway and then run away from the fire.

Doing these things will ensure that you get the Forever ends.

Layers of Fear 2 Flame Ending

Layers of Fear 2 Flame Ending

The Flame ending is the exact opposite of the Forever one, as you’re very obedient in this and do as you’re told by the director. Here are the choices you specifically need to make:

  • Chapter 1: Shoot the woman on the right side when asked
  • Chapter 2: Don’t give the dog meat, take it instead
  • Chapter 3: Shoot the woman in the middle rather than the puppets
  • Chapter 4: Walk into the flames, don’t run away

Doing these things will ensure that you get the Flames end.

Layers of Fear 2 Formless Ending

Layers of Fear 2 Formless Ending

Unlike the first two endings which either make you obedient or disobedient, the Formless ending is all about balance. This means that you will have to make choices that are a mix of the first two endings and you’ll eventually find yourself on a third path.

  • Chapter 1: Shoot the man on the left instead of the woman on the right
  • Chapter 2: Take the meat instead of giving it to the dog
  • Chapter 3: Shoot the puppets instead of the woman in the middle
  • Chapter 4: Run into the flames instead of running away from them

Doing these tasks will ensure that you get the Formless ending, which gives a balanced path where you’re neither overly disobedient nor too obedient. You can mix up the list of the things you do too logically, as long as you do 2 obedient and 2 disobedient things, it should still count as a balanced playthrough.

However, sometimes it does not work for some reason and the order we stated is eventually the ideal and guaranteed one.

That’s it for our guide on how to get every Layer of Fear 2 ending, and we hope that you’re already on your way to get the one that you prefer the most.

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