How to Find Moltres In Pokemon Let’s GO!

How to catch Moltres in Pokemon Lets GO

The Pokemon main series games have seen a resurgence in popularity after the launch of the Nintendo Switch; the new console was, as expected, more powerful, had more storage, and boasts better online connectivity.

This only made the games on the switch fun to play; even simpler titles like Kirby now felt awesome, thanks to the innovative use of the joycons.

The Pokemon main series games have been a staple of the Nintendo Company and probably one of the reasons why so many people bought their handheld device in the first place. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee were released on the Nintendo switch in 2018.

Though the games are a remake of the original Pokemon Yellow, they are far better than their older counterparts. The story is more polished, and the gameplay is better as well. The game was meant as an entry-level game for the first-time Pokemon fan who wanted to check out all the fuzz about the Pokemon games.

And the fun did pretty well; many new players were introduced to the wonders of the Pokemon world via Pokemon Let’s GO.

As we head back to Kanto in this game, it isn’t surprising that we also got the original legendary birds. Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, all made their debut in the game. As they are legendary birds, their powers are exceeded most of the average Pokemon power in the region, so it only makes sense to catch them.

And not to forget, they are an essential Pokemon if you want to complete your Pokedex.

The first two birds, i.e., Articuno and Zapdos, can be caught easily in the game in the earlier stages. But Moltres is a hard nut to crack. To get Moltres, you’ll have to complete most of the game and be a strong trainer.

But if Moltres is available so late into the game, does it even make sense to catch him? Yes, it does, because Pokemon GO can be played online as well, and having a Moltres in your team is the best!

How to catch Moltres in Pokemon Lets GO

Moltres boats some impressive stats; it can be your ideal fire-type Pokemon if you haven’t chosen Charizard as your starter. Moltres is probably the most robust Legendary bird out of the three and can easily win you big and vital matches. But then the question arises, how do we catch this coveted bird? Well, this is how:

How to catch Moltres in Pokemon Let’s GO!

Moltres is a coveted bird; it is one of the original legendaries, so catching it won’t be easy so that you know. But this doesn’t mean it’s tough as well. The game was designed to keep kids in mind, so the puzzles shouldn’t pose a challenge.

But first, we need to be eligible to cath Moltres!

Before catching Moltres, you need to

Have all the eight badges from all the gyms in the Kanto region. This is a must because the route we catch Moltres is inside the Victory Road in Kanto.

And to get access to Victory road, you need to have eight badges or win in every Gym in Kanto. This is easier said than done, so if you don’t have all the badges required, go and get them first, then move on to the next section of the blog.

Catching Moltres

Moltres is hiding in the deep ad dark caves of Victory Road; you’ll have to locate it first. Head straight into Victory Road cave; you’ll get here from Viridian city, route 22.

After entering the victory road, you’ll encounter a ton of high-level Pokemon; you’ll have to fight them at some point and keep moving as the cave guides you. Eventually, you’ll meet Officer Jenny, who’ll heal all your Pokemon to max health. On the left side of Officer Jenny, you’ll see a pillar.

How to catch Moltres in Pokemon Lets GO

You’ll have to use the strong push technique on the pillar; once you do this, a ladder will appear. Go up, and you’ll enter the next level of the cavern or cave. After going up, simply move to the right, and in a couple of steps, you’ll witness the flame-throwing bird in all its glory flapping its lit wings!

After this, the standard Pokemon Let’s GO battle will begin, and you’ll have to make the Pokemon weak by attacking him. Now know this, you’ll only get 5 minutes to take down Moltres. You’ll have to use a water type or an electric type Pokemon to quickly take down this flaming bird.

Make sure you carry decent water and electric variety to the cave, or you’ll never be able to catch it!

How to catch Moltres in Pokemon Lets GO

Once the Moltres is weak enough, you’ll have to toss pokeballs at it.

Now, remember, Moltres is legendary, so the chances of you catching the Pokemon with a normal Pokeball is low; you’ll have to append money on better balls. And even after that, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able to capture him.

So make sure to carry a lot of balls; this is a golden opportunity. Don’t let it slide because you ran out of pokeballs to throw at it!


Moltres is one of the three legendary birds in Kanto, so you’ll need strong pokemon; Electric and Water types are preferred. You’ll need to win all the eight gym badges in the Kanto region and will have to survive the Victory Road madness, and only then you’ll be able to witness Moltres.

Once you see it, start attacking it with your strongest Pokemon; stalling it won’t help as you only have 5 minutes and a limited number of Pokeballs.

Do all these steps carefully, and in no time, you’ll have a legendary in your team!

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