Cookie Cutter Game

cookie cutter game

Cookie Cutter is a very simple yet fun game about cutting different shapes of cookie dough from trays, with the focus being that you have to adjust the cookie cutters perfectly in a way that you do not end up running out of dough before the required amount of cookie shapes are cut.

While you pass most levels anyway even if you did not get perfect cuts, the game gives you smaller scores based on how much you missed – so it’s encouraged to play properly.

While the game features a very simple UI, Cliff the Chef accompanies you throughout your playthrough and makes different expressions towards you based on what you’re doing, which gives the game a unique light-hearted charm.

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The gameplay is very simple – you just have to use the cookie cutter and press the left click button to make it happen. Pressing X and Z rotates the cutter which is helpful to fit certain amounts of cookies that need to be cut but in the limited dough.

You still advance to the next level even if you end up having non-perfect cuts, but there is a certain bar you have to fill with the dough used for it to count otherwise it’s called a bad cut.

Getting perfect cuts is basically the completion-ist thing to do, and helps you achieve the best scores possible in every single level of the game. There is also a timer you have to complete the round in, and there is a reroll option for extra dough later on in the game (but usage of it is mostly discouraged).

Try your best to roll the cutter in the best positions possible, no matter how ridiculous they might look. Even that extra 1% of dough that you can cover instead of overlining into an empty spot will be a great help to your overall score.

You can also try to be quick to earn some extra score for being quick, but it might end up ruining overall quality so it really depends on what you consider more important.

Restart your level overusing the re-roll option since the game considers it a cop-out and most levels start with the instruction to not use it. It’s something that exists just to make the game easier for kids, any adult should avoid it.

The game does not save your progress, not even for as long as you have the tab open. If you quit the menu, it will start over when you play it again. So, just keep your browser open and stay in-game to keep your progress, otherwise, you can forget it ever existed.


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