Super Smash Flash 2

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Super Smash Flash 2 is a fan game that has been in development for around 10 years and still gets consistently updated to this day, and is a mixture of many different popular Super Smash Bros. games.

It serves as a reboot to the team’s previous project and has a large roster of characters that you’re used to seeing in the official Smash games. The gameplay is very carefully crafted and truly represents the original gameplay of the franchise, and is full of many different stages and soundtracks that closely resemble the design it is based on.

The game even has a functional online mode, gamepad support, and features many different combos for every single character.

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Super Smash Flash 2 Gameplay

The gameplay of Super Smash Flash 2 is exactly the same as the original series, you are pitted against up to 3 different opponents and all of you will have to fight your way to victory. There are different and unique moves for every character that represents their respective IPs, and you can also manage to pull off combos against your enemies.

Different stages also have many different properties which set them apart, such as differences in spots where you can begin a ring-out for your opponents and what spots can be fallen out of – as well as completely different visual designs that represent different characters from the game.

Your goal is to beat your opponent enough that their health is lowered to a point you can easily knock them out (the more you hurt them the easier it becomes to throw them off screen) and as soon as they cannot climb back on and fall off, you immediately win.

The game features different modes which include single player and multiplayer, and the latter can support up to 4 people at the same time whether it’s local or online.

Super Smash Flash 2 Tips

Don’t underestimate the game’s depth due to the fact it’s a fan-game created on Flash. It has the same incredible depth and move set potential that you would expect from an official console game, so make sure you practice with your favorite characters and sharpen your skills because the game can be quite unforgiving at certain difficulties and against real-life opponents.

Always try to remain in safe spot within the game’s stages, so that you cannot be easily thrown out. Some of the stages are dynamic, so don’t be distracted if it seemingly has a big change coming in. It just adds more things to the stage, won’t burn you out with lava or anything.

A certain button only does a boring kick? Don’t forget to move your character into different directions while pressing the same button. Mixing up commands can pull off some cool moves you did not know existed before.

Some moves can help you gain extra momentum which you can use to come back to the stage in case you are kicked off, so don’t shy away from experimenting a little bit. For example, Luffy’s body-puffing move which lets you jump higher for a bit.

The game also has interactable stage elements and drops in items every now and then, so make sure to try some of these things out as they may prove helpful in a fight. Plus your opponent will probably try to master these things first anyway.

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