Basketball Legends

basketball legends

Basketball Legends is a simple yet fun sports game which can be played single player and multiplayer, and has multiple modes to spend your time in.

It’s known for being very smooth and has fun graphics that have bobble-head faces that resemble real-life basketball legends such as LeBron James to name just one.

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Basketball Legends Gameplay

The gameplay is very straightforward and has simple controls which are very easy to master. You can either directly jump into matches to learn the gameplay course or use the game’s trial mode to practice your skills instead. You can choose between an offensive and a defensive player from different teams and there are only two players in one match at a time and both of you have to take the ball from each other and score.

The is a timer on top that determines how long a round will last, and the team to have scored the most within that time is the winner.

There are also additional things that you can do such as punch your opponent so that they are dazed and use that opportunity to score a perfect goal, or using the right momentum to score a special Slam Dunk in which your ball is on fire and your character jumps very high instead of just throwing the ball onward. There are tons of fun things you can do that make it a very fun game to play.

Basketball Legends Tips

While the game is not that difficult to learn in general, it’s preferred that you start off by using the Trial mode to practice the basic controls and extra features that the game offers you. Especially if you intend to play it against a real player, it would be much better if you both understand what to do already instead of spending time being clueless. Especially since the 2-player mode is played on the same keyboard.

The punch button may look like a joke at first, but it’s very helpful if your opponent may be closer to the ball than you are, it gives you enough time to get to it first and even score a nice goal.

There are many different ways to goal, so make sure you use the right one for the given opportunity. Some send the ball flying, some send you flying with the ball itself, and so on. Look into the distinction and time it right.

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