Bloons Tower Defense 6

bloon tower defense 6

Bloons TD 6 is the most recent chapter in the long-running Bloons TD series, which originated as a Flash game.

Bloons TD 6 is noted to be the first game in the series that does not have a Flash counterpart and is a full-fledged 3D game full of new features and gameplay improvements. This gives the game its much-needed identity compared to the previous games in the series that still had a bit of a Flash aesthetic going on to them.

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Bloons Tower Defense 6 Gameplay

The gameplay is very straightforward but as strategic as you’d expect from a lighthearted tower defense game of this type. The players start with a limited amount of cash and have to strategically build their towers from on-coming waves of enemies, and the more you kill the more you earn to buy better defenses for your level. Every time an enemy gets through the designated line, you lose a life and eventually lose the level if all lives are lost.

Different defense towers have different properties, as some of them directly attack the enemies, some generate cash, and others slow them down through different abilities. You can also upgrade existing towers instead of buying new ones which gives them better values to assist you in your gameplay. The game also implements the ‘Heroes’ element that most mobile games do these days, and they have special abilities that normal towers won’t provide you.

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At the moment through recent updates, the game has 11 different ‘Hero’ towers to choose from and in co-op games, every player can place one hero down. Additionally, there are also different types of game modes that you can unlock by beating the game on different difficulties and you can also unlock more parts of the map through the in-game currency as you will complete levels and progress through.

On top of the general in-game currency, the game also has a special ‘Monkey Money’ currency which you obtain by completing matches. This money is used to purchase boosts which temporarily give your towers special powers or upgrades that are not normally obtainable, and some Heroes can only be purchased using this currency. The game has two further variations, one known as Monkey Knowledge Point and the other called Trophies. These two are obtained by completing certain tasks or matches and can be used to buy cosmetics or special tower boosts much like most other currencies in the game.

Bloons Tower Defense 6 Tips

While the game can be played and thoroughly enjoyed with the normal towers as well, the main point with Bloons Tower Defense 6 is to play the game until you unlock its specific currencies and then use them to buy the Heroes and temporary boosts.

While the temporary boosts make the levels much easier to play through and it’s fun to watch unique powers and upgrades being given to your towers anyway – it’s much better to just beat the levels normally for as long as you can and save the money for the Heroes instead.

Once you get the heroes, it’s much easier to beat the levels anyway and then you would earn the money faster and can spend it on boosts and cosmetics. The co-op games are significantly more fun when you and your opponents have Hero towers to place too, so it’s just too rewarding to not be patient about it.

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