The Best Genshin Impact Backpacks (2024)

The Best Genshin Impact Backpacks

Backpacks have always been one of the most prominent facets of geek culture and these Genshin Impact backpacks are a true testimony to that.

A true geek wouldn’t express their love for a franchise or video game only through clothing and collectibles, as some would be devoted enough to get several types of merchandise related to it.

Backpacks are arguably the strongest way of endorsing your favorite media in an academic setting. And the more popular something is, the more merchandise it has.

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Top Genshin Impact Backpacks to Buy

Genshin Impact too is popular enough to have a variety of merchandise made on itself. If you’re a fan of Genshin Impact and are looking for high-quality backpacks with designs based on them, you’re on the right webpage.

1. BoerMee Adult Genshin Impact Backpack

BoerMee Adult Genshin Impact Backpack Hu Tao Cosplay Outdoor Bag Klee Mona Zhongli Halloween (Tartaglia)
  • Price: $32.99
  • Size: 48*34*21CM/18.8*13.3*8.2 inches (W*H*T)
  • Designs: 4
  • Material: Oxford fabric.

Not only does this backpack have some of the best Genshin Impact artwork, but it’s also a genuinely well-designed bag. It has a number of spacious pockets and is made of completely waterproof and durable Oxford fabric.

This backpack excels in terms of quality, quantity, and design alike. In terms of design, you have the option to pick from silhouette-like artworks for Klee, Mona, Zhongli, and Tartaglia.

2. Joyee Hot Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Backpack with USB Charging Port

Joyee Hot Game Genshin Impact Cosplay Backpack with USB Charging Port for Teen. (Hu Tao), One Size
  • Price: $29.90-$32.00 (-%13)
  • Size: 31*15*45 cm
  • Designs: 2
  • Material: Oxford fabric and polyester.

A stylish and durable backpack is made of polyester on the inside and Oxford fabric on the outside.

It’s spacious enough for people who have to carry lots of things and seems easy on the shoulders too. The backpack comes in two designs, one has Klee artwork printed on it, and the other has artwork of Hu Tao.

The selling point of this backpack, however, is the fact that it comes with a USB charging port. Now is also the best time to purchase it due to its current 13%-off discount. 

3. BoerMee Genshin Impact Cosplay Backpack

BoerMee Genshin Impact Cosplay Backpack USB Klee Schoolbag Bookbag Student Bags Hu Tao Ke Qing Backpacks (klee 2)
  • Price: $21.99
  • Size: 45*31*15 cm (17.7 * 12.2 * 5.9 inches)
  • Designs: 9
  • Material: Nylon and polyester.

Almost the same as the Joyee backpack, just that this product uses nylon instead of Oxford fabric. Additionally, it also comes with a greater number of designs.

While Oxford fabric is the more durable material, the combination of nylon and polyester is easier to wash. And most importantly, this backpack, too, comes with a USB charging port, which makes it too good for its price tag.

4. HANDAFA Unisex Genshin Impact Single Shoulder Bag

HANDAFA Unisex Genshin Impact Single Shoulder Bag Game Project Cosplay Sling Backpack Casual Daypack(GanYu)
  • Price: $18.99-$20.99
  • Size: 33*19.5*8 cm
  • Designs: 14
  • Material: Canvas.

For those looking to burden only one shoulder. Shoulder bags are typically not too spacious, but this one in particular features the main bag, side pockets, zipper pockets, and a mezzanine pocket.

It comes with artwork for 14 different Genshin Impact characters and has a variety of colors. It being Canvas makes it much more breathable, resistant, and dynamic.                                                                                                                                                                                                        

5. NAGEY Genshin Impact Backpack

NAGEY Genshin Impact Backpack Graphics Prints Travel Backpacks Outdoor Sports School Bag for Men Women Boys Girls(Mona), One Size
  • Price: $35.99
  • Size: 11.4(L) X 5.1(W) X 17.3(H)
  • Designs: 25
  • Material: Oxford fabric.

Another strong and durable Genshin Impact backpack that’s fully made of Oxford fabric. It may only be available in black, but it does come with variants for about 25 characters and has an additional print on the bottom pocket.

The main pocket has enough space to even fit laptops and clothes, and the shoulder straps are double-coated for the sake of lower pressure on the back and the shoulders. 

6. Venti Canvas 3244 3D Anime School Bag

Genshin Impact Backpack Venti Bookbag Mesh Pocket Black Travel Laptop 17 Inch
  • Price: $24.36
  • Size: 16.9×12.6×5.5 inch
  • Designs: 1
  • Material: Polyester.

An adorable little backpack with a minimalistic design and only one large pocket alongside two side pockets.

It’s the best choice for those who don’t aim to carry a lot of things, and polyester makes it even more lightweight. The backpack’s front has an adorable chibi artwork of Venti. The main pocket also has a durable laptop sleeve inside.

7. GBin Genshin Impact Backpack

GBin Genshin Impact Backpack for School Bag Bookbag Yanfei Large Capacity Laptop Back Pack
  • Price: $28.99
  • Size: 16.5″x11.1″x6.7″
  • Designs: 35
  • Material: Nylon.

This backpack comes in a large number of variants. It has a variant for 35 Genshin Impact characters.

It’s durable due to its complete reliance on Nylon, and the pockets have enough room to fit in laptops and even shoes. It’s entirely printed-on, with beautiful Genshin Impact artwork.

8. Genshin Impact Xiao Backpacks

Genshin Impact Xiao Backpacks Bookbag bag Daypack for Teens Adult Large Capacity Travel Bag 18" With Cute Doll of Bunny
  • Price: $34.99 (-%8)
  • Size: 17.7×12.5×5.1 inch
  • Designs: 19
  • Material: Nylon.

A simple black backpack with additional pockets and adorable artwork. The frontmost pocket has a cutesy chibi print, with variants for 19 Genshin Impact characters. Its reliance on nylon makes it highly durable and flexible.

While it may not be an ideal choice for carrying laptops, it’s large enough to fit in clothes, shoes, and stacks of books. It also comes with a cute bunny doll as a bonus. 

9. Anime Genshin Impact Backpacks

Anime Genshin Impact Backpacks Bookbag Bag Daypack for Teens Adult, Large Capacity Student School Bag Cosplay Travel Bag
  • Price: $16.99
  • Size: Unspecified
  • Designs: 1
  • Material: Polyester.

This fully printed-on backpack is a great choice for people who don’t carry too many things. It has fewer pockets, but they have enough room to fit a 15” laptop and thinner clothes. Its polyester body makes it easier to carry, and the shoulder straps are breathable and lightweight too. The front of it has a gorgeous Genshin Impact artwork featuring several iconic characters. Its price tag makes it an absolute steal too.  

10. votgl Genshin Impact Unisex Backpack

ZBIBYO Anime Hanako-kun Backpack for School Cute With doll pendant,Yashiro Nene unisex cosplay bookbag (White)
  • Price: $35.97-$49.00 (-%13)
  • Size: Large (unspecified)
  • Designs: 20
  • Material: Oxford fabric.

A durable and adorable backpack that also has multiple spacious pockets. It uses high-quality Oxford fabric and mesh-padded shoulder straps that make carrying it no burden. It’s an ideal purchase for people with a lot of workloads, especially because it comes with a USB charging port too. The front pocket’s printing may be small, but it’s high-quality, with variants for 20 Genshin Impact characters. 

11. Jupkem Anime adventure game Backpack

Jupkem Anime adventure game Backpack Bag USB with Charging Port Student School Bag Laptop Cosplay for Boys Girls (Black 3, Large)
  • Price: $34.99
  • Size: 17.3x 11.8 x 5.9inch
  • Designs: 1
  • Material: Oxford fabric.

It’s made of waterproof and durable Oxford fabric. The shoulder straps can be widened, and the double zippers provide additional security. It’s spacious enough for a 15.6” laptop and also comes with a USB charging port.

It has no variants, but the main design is pretty enough and features four of the most favorite Genshin Impact characters. This backpack may be a bit costly, but considering its quality, it’s worth the price. 

12. Genshin Impact HU TAO Merch Backpack

Genshin Impact HU TAO Merch Backpack Oxford School Bag Teenager Bag Laptop Bag (6,Adjustable)
  • Price: $29.99
  • Size: Unspecified
  • Designs: 6
  • Material: Oxford fabric and polyester.

A highly durable Oxford fabric backpack with some of the best Genshin Impact artwork printed on it. It has 6 stunning Hu Tao variants, each of which is printed on the whole bag.

It’s one of the better choices for children and doesn’t have enough space for laptops etc. The designs have enough variety in color and are 3D-printed. This backpack is one of the best overall choices for a school bag. 

We hope you found the right backpack for yourself through this article. Do check out our other listings and even guides on Genshin Impact while you’re still here.

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