How to Gift Games on PS5: Complete Guide

How to Gift Games on PS5

Whether it’s someone’s birthday, a holiday like Christmas, or you just really want to make them happy – there are few gifts that bring as much joy to someone as video games do.

It’s hours of entertainment and shows people that you really care about their interests. And sometimes, you gift games to your friends or family so that they can play multiplayer with you too if you already owned it.

And if you’re someone who buys games as a gift for themselves because it’s easier than using a credit card every time, then that’s another great reason to buy gift cards and such too.

So, whatever your reason for gifting games might be – you’re in the right place if you want to save your time in figuring out how to do it yourself.

We’ve created a step-by-step guide on how you can gift games on PlayStation 5 to your friends and family. Don’t worry, there is more than one method to gift games on PS5 so you’ll find something that’s convenient for you.

Let’s get started!

Gifting Games on PS5

There are currently two main ways to gift games on PS5 or to PlayStation 5 players right now and they are:

  • The Digital Method(s).
  • The Physical Method(s).

More on these below;

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1. Digitally Gifting a PS5 Game

At one point, it was possible to buy digital codes of video games and gift them to your friends so that they can digitally redeem the game and play it. However, that’s no longer possible and you can’t technically digitally gift PS5 games anymore.

I. The Gift Cards Method

If you wish to gift games digitally on the PS5, you need to purchase gift cards and then you can give the person the code that’s on it, which they can redeem to their PlayStation Network accounts and eventually buy whatever that they want with the money.

The gift cards come in $10 to $100 variations in terms of USD and have different versions for other currencies too based on what you need.

Lastly, you can buy PlayStation Plus membership cards too, which come in one month, three months, and 12-month variations. Although the PS Plus cards don’t come with a game immediately, they do give two free games per month for every month that you are still subscribed for.

Even if you go towards third-party retailers like Amazon, Sony no longer allows them to sell game codes for the PlayStation platform so that cannot be done either. Thus, whether you like it or not, digital gift cards are your one and only way to gift PS5 games digitally.

II. Shipping to a different address

There is one thing that can be done, however, that technology is still like gifting a game digitally – and that is by ordering a physical copy of a game to the person that you wish to gift it to by using your credit card.

All you have to do in this method is to head over to a trusted site that sells PS5 games, order it to your friend’s address, pay with your card, and they will receive the game.

Keep in mind that the last method mentioned does not work for people who own the digital-only version of the PlayStation 5.

2. Physically Gifting a PS5 Game

When all else fails – go back to the basics. You can simply purchase a game from a physical store or order it online from a trusted retailer, and then either hand it over to the person that you wish to gift or send it to them via delivery, such as FedEx.

It may sound like a very obvious solution to suggest, but it’s just one of the only three ways left to gift games on the PS5 because Sony has disabled every truly digital method that used to be possible. So, to recap:

  • Buy and send Gift Cards.
  • Order online and add the gift receiver’s address.
  • Buy it physically and either hand it to them or send it via delivery.

Again, physically gifting can only be possible if the other person has the disc version of the console, not the digital-only PlayStation 5.

The only way to gift PS5 games to someone if they have the digital-only PS5 is to give them gift cards – nothing else works. So, make sure to confirm that detail first and then use the right method of gifting accordingly.

And that’s it for our guide on how to gift PS5 games.

If you’re curious – yes, all of this also applies to the PS4 aside from the limitations of the disc-only PS5. We hope that you found this guide useful and while you’re still reading, make sure to check out some of our other helpful PlayStation guides too.

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