The Best Multiplayer Games Like Paladins (2023)

Games like Paladins

Paladins is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena first-person shooter games in the market. The game is a great mixture of team-based strategy elements combined with character abilities.

It is essentially a hero shooter, and the game does everything so well to make you fully invested in these characters and their abilities.

Some characters can be countered by others, whereas the other characters can be countered by the utility. It’s just an endless loop of strategizing what characters to play, on what maps, and what tactics to use to win the game. 

The game has been seen a huge player base ever since it first released in 2016, and has been consistently entertaining players for ages.

10 Similar Games to Paladins

With that said; if you’re tired of Paladins yet want a game with the same format let us give you a list of the ten best games like Paladins.

1. Dirty Bomb

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Dirty Bomb is an extremely awesome, fast-paced arena shooter which relies heavily on your aim, reflexes, and your movement! First thing first, the community in Dirty Bomb is super nice, and unlike the Overwatch community; it welcomes you!

The game features a fast-paced team play system, which makes each match an intense and competitive experience. There are over 20 distinct mercenaries in this game, and each one has different abilities of its own, which can be used at any given moment within a game.

The heroes in the game are a huge part of it; however, the main focus is still about having fun and a fast, movement shooter which tests your skills.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

2. Overwatch

Overwatch was released a few months before Paladins, at the start many people compared Overwatch and Paladins; even going so far as to call Paladins an Overwatch clone. However, both are drastically different games.

Overwatch is way more focused on being a balanced, competitive game that has an emphasis on E-Sports. Each character is balanced severely, as to not make any one character more powerful than the rest.

Strategies on Overwatch are harder to pull off, and winning a match takes way more effort. If you do step into Overwatch in 2022, remember to keep on pushing because the players that are still sticking to that game have been there since its release. 

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows.

3. Valorant

Valorant was created by Riot Games, a company notorious for being one of the best at games that involve heroes. League of Legends and Team Fight Tactics are a testament to Riot’s ability, and now they’ve dipped their hands into the first-person shooter genre.

Valorant is an incredibly exciting new first-person shooter, with a five versus five formats that revolves completely around your aim, your team composition, and your strategies. There are a dozen characters in the game now, and each one brings its own twist to a match.

You can bring healers, flashbangs, intel-based characters, or even full-out aggressors. 

Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

4. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Siege is a highly complicated game, it’s the most punishing game on this list and it takes ages to learn. The game is a five versus five, a competitive first-person shooter which emphasizes a lot on your map knowledge, your gun skill, your ability to control recoil, and most of all; your team coordination.

There are 60 different operators available in the game, and you can switch them every single round bringing variation to each round that you play. It’s an incredibly difficult game to learn, but there is no other game as rewarding as Siege is.

The E-Sports scene ensures that the game is always balanced, and the variety of new updates and operators that come out each season make it an engaging, consistently refreshing experience. 

5. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a battle royale, however, the recently launched three versus three deathmatch mode will be the thing that reminds you a lot of Paladins.

The high time to kill, combined with a plethora of legends to pick, each of which come with their own abilities, attributes, passive abilities, and ultimate powers. The game lets you buy your own weapons at the start of each round, the more you win, the more you get paid and the better your equipment will get.

The game’s heroes are so exciting, each one has completely different abilities; some can teleport, some can heal, some can run really fast and some can throw special explosives that will burn your character to a crisp!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

6. Battlerite

Battlerite brings the hero-based multiplayer battle arena gameplay, back to brawlers!​ This game is one of the most unique takes on the genre, combining top-down shooter mechanics with the actual fighting mechanics of a brawler.

The game has a plethora of heroes, each with its own unique abilities, attributes, skills, and play styles to learn and customize to your preference. This is an extremely thrilling, high-stakes, insane action-packed game that forces you to hone your movement and your reflexes.

Each match will incentivize that you bring your mechanical A-Game to the arena, and each champion will force you to use your brain! This is a must-play for all fans of battle arena games! 

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Xbox One.


If you’ve had the pleasure of being a gamer for more than a decade, then you have probably heard of SMITE. SMITE is one of the world’s most popular battle arena games.

It combines a huge amount of fantasy elements, with steam-punk themes and even science-fiction aesthetics. The game is a roller coaster of a multiplayer arena game, with a five versus five format, each player can pick a different character that brings a brand new element to your team.

The heroes are all such aesthetically pleasing designs, it feels amazing to just look at these characters and see their powers on full display.

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

8. Quake Champions

Quake was the original creator of fast-paced, movement arena shooters. Quake Champions aims to rebuild that same exact gameplay loop, with a fresh coat of paint and some much-needed changes such as a hero system to make it more contemporary.

It offers you a ton of choice in what sort of character you want to pick, and it has the fastest multiplayer gameplay out of any modern game. You’re constantly hopping around, sliding through doors and nooks and crannies while clicking heads.

The game was some of the most fun I’ve had playing any multiplayer games in a while, and you should definitely check it out too!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows.

9. Rogue Company

Rogue Company is one of the newest in line with many new third-person shooter games; however, Rogue Company brings the hero system into its 5 versus 5 formats. The result is a really unique third-person shooter, which brings a ton of map knowledge, gun skill, and strategy to the forefront.

The heroes themselves aren’t plenty, but they are super unique in their own right.

They each have different sets of abilities, and utility which makes their usage around much more important depending on what the character is, there’s also a bunch of different maps in the game which you have to learn as you get deeper into the competitive thrill of it.

It’s an exciting, fast, and tactical shooter that will surely give you your Paladins fill!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

10. Realm Royale

Now, I understand that Battle Royales aren’t really something that resembles Paladins much in any way, however, Realm Royale is a complete exception due to the way it looks and the way it plays.

The game is essentially a fantasy-based battle royale, in which you traverse the map using horses and you loot unique weapons, and acquire epic abilities which turn you into a hero of your own!

The game’s art style and the aesthetic look exactly like Paladins, and the way the abilities work also reminds you of it. Survive the epic 100+ person battle, the last man standing becomes the champion!

Those are our top ten picks for the best games like Paladins! If you’re looking for more video game-related content, then make sure to check out our other articles and guides!

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