The Best Fallout 4 Power Armor Ranked (Tier List 2023)

Best Fallout 4 Power Armor Ranked

If we know one thing about Fallout 4 for sure is that the game lets you be highly creative with what you choose to use as weapons and armor! After all, Fallout 4 is one of the most highly beloved RPG games of the previous generation.

Choices were going to be huge parts of the game’s design from the get-go, giving you the ultimate freedom to do whatever you want, kill whoever you want and wear whatever you want. In the case of Fallout 4, it has more variety in the base game power armors than any other Fallout game that has come out so far.

However, with the amount of variety in terms of weapons, clothing, normal armor as well as power armor with each piece carrying different stats. There is bound to be some confusion as to which pieces are the most powerful.

Fortunately for you, we have got a full-tier list of which armor sets are the best and the worst! This will let you know what you should be choosing for your character and what power armor you should be steering clear from!

The 5 Best Fallout 4 Power Armor Ranked

Since Fallout 4 has a total of only five variations of power armors in the game, we will be ranking each armor set from worst to best as well as let you guys know about the individual stats on each of these sets!

5. Raider Power Armor

Raider Power Armor

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The Raider Power Armor is the lowest class of power armors that you can find in Fallout 4. It is the absolute definition of early game armor that you can find extremely easy once you’re level 4 or even lower.

The suit can be quite easily found on Raider bosses all around the map, take them down and collect the pieces of loot off of their bodies!

Once you have taken down enough of these Raider bosses and looted them for armor pieces, you can attach them to the Raider Power Armor frame that you most likely have stored in your inventory. 

The Raider Power Armor doesn’t have the best stats, though it’s still amazing for the early game progression and stuff. It doesn’t really get much better the more you keep using it though, as it has little to no customization options so you get really bored of it quite easily.

In terms of resistances, this armor will do for the first few hours however you’ll need an upgrade really quick. Here are the stats listed below:

  • 500 Damage Resistance on the highest specifications. 
  • 250 Energy Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 1050 Radiation Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 1800 Total Resistance.

4. T-45 Power Armor

This is the GO-TO power armor that you should be looking out for as soon as you’re into the game. This is the power armor that will lead you to become an absolute overpowered beast in the early games. Not to mention, it looks absolutely amazing.

The T-45 power armor is a sight to behold not just for the fans of classic Fallout power armors but for people who are new to the series as well. 

This armor comes with the amazing minute-man paint job that will brighten up your look and increase your charisma by a huge margin! You can get it pretty easily too, you just have to find a boss that is wearing this gorgeous set and take them down! Once the boss is dealt with, just head over to their corpse and loot it to get this amazing set.

Not to mention, you can find it on the rooftop of the Museum of Freedom too, hidden inside of a crashed Vertibird. You can also buy pieces for this armor from Rowdy at the Atom Cats Garage! Here are the stats:

  • 500 Damage Resistance on the highest specifications. 
  • 310 Energy Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 1050 Radiation Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 1860 Total Resistance.

3. T-51 Power Armor

The T-51 is by far the coolest-looking power armor that you will find in Fallout 4. It’s a clean, unproblematic power armor that has great resistance stats overall along with some amazing drip!

This power armor can be a massive upgrade over the T-45, and will personally make sure the aesthetic is always on point while you’re out in the wastelands doing what vault escapees do best!

There’s no easy way to acquire this armor though, and it takes a lot of time to even get to the point where you can find it. However, the best method that you can find this power armor with is exploring!

Acquiring this power armor will incentivize that you’re trekking through the wasteland in search of it and get you invested in the game world. It’s very customizable, with options galore so you’re never going to get bored of it even if you beat the game while using it!

  • 740 Damage Resistance on the highest specifications. 
  • 490 Energy Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 1050 Radiation Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 2280 Total Resistance. 

2. T-60 Power Armor

While the T-51 is shiny and functional, the T-60 is more rustic in its look. However, The T-60 is the one power armor that you’re going to need if you aim to finish the game! The T-60 Power Armor isn’t just a cosmetic masterpiece, with an amazing design and tons of customization.

It also has an amazing log of stats that you definitely want in a literal ‘killer’ upgrade!

To acquire this terrifying suit of armor is very simple. It’s a standard issue for the entire Brotherhood of Steel, so following that quest line and reaching the ultimate end of that quest-line will get you that one.

Though if you’re feeling a bit anxious and want it really bad, you can just kill a Brotherhood of Steel member that is wearing the suit and rip it off their corpse!

  • 980 Damage Resistance on the highest specifications. 
  • 645 Energy Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 1050 Radiation Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 2675 Total Resistance.

1. X-01 Power Armor

For the majority, of the player population, the T-60 power armor will be the peak in their Fallout 4 experience. However, there’s still the most powerful and yet the rarest most hard-to-find armor still somewhere around the wasteland waiting to be found.

The X-01 power armor is everything you need in terms of customization, functionality, and the AMAZING stats lineup!

This beast of a power armor is hard to find, and you also need to be at least level 28 to even get a chance to find it! However, the grind is justifiable due to the sheer cosmetic customization that you can get out of this armor.

Make sure you’re at level 28, and then head over to 35 Court and make your way to the top of it and there will be a fight waiting for you against a Sentry Bot and an Assaultron.

Once you deal with those obstacles, a whole set will be there just waiting for you to grasp it. Loot it, and play the rest of the game on beginner difficulty while being an untouchable killing machine!

  • 1220 Damage Resistance on the highest specifications. 
  • 790 Energy Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 1050 Radiation Resistance on the highest specifications.
  • 3060 Total Resistance.

That is our list of the worst to best power armors that you can find in Fallout 4. In all honesty, each of these power armors is acquired through grinding the game (aside from the T-60…) but they each serve a purpose within the game’s world.

You need to get to a certain level to acquire each designated power armor though, so make sure you’re exploring a lot and doing as many quests (main and side) to get the best possible experience!

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