How to Make A Kitchen In Minecraft


Your base in Minecraft starts off as a way to be safe from the nightly terrors that the game throws at you. In fact, making a rudimentary base is probably the first that you do when you create a new world. 

As the game progresses, there are numerous additions to that base. If you’re smart you’ll cover the basics such as a viable food resource first before you start mining into the earth in search of minerals be it iron or eventually diamonds. 

Most players are so eager to procure diamonds and have as many resources as they can to advance the game and eventually face the mighty dragon that they don’t mind having a base that looks like a rat’s nest.

There’s no need per se, to beautify your base. You can technically beat the game by simply having a hole in the ground with a door. But if you’re anything like me you like building things in Minecraft. 

You can build a lot of things in Minecraft. And while some of it may serve a purpose, you can build things simply for your satisfaction.

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A Kitchen is something that will turn your base into a home. Here is a brief on how you should go about making a kitchen in Minecraft. 

Design of your Kitchen In Minecraft

If the thought of thinking of a design for your kitchen in Minecraft is daunting then don’t worry.

I’m not asking you to be an interior designer. But I would suggest that you look at some of the real-life kitchen designs that Minecraft players have beautifully managed to recreate. 

There are many resources that you can find on YouTube and even some websites that are dedicated to such things. 

Materials required for a kitchen in Minecraft  

As you might be aware, there are no contractors in Minecraft who will procure materials for you. So you’ll have to get them yourself. 

Wood is probably the first thing that you gather in your gameplay but you’ll need lots of it for a kitchen. Wood can be used to make things such as chairs, tables, or even your countertops.

There are different types of wood that can be obtained from trees in the game. This will influence the color that you wish for your kitchen so make sure you’re chopping down the right type of tree. 

Another thing that won’t hurt you if you have lots of it is cobblestone. It’s very easy to procure and often ends up getting more than you can carry. 

The materials that you want to use for the floors and walls are something you’ll have to decide for yourself. My advice would be to make use of the sheep that make too much noise and get lots of wool from them. The wool can be of any color and can be used for anything from the floor to a microwave.  

Make sure you have a furnace, a crafting table, and lots of fuel. 

Building the Kitchen

With the materials that you’ve gathered, you can start building the kitchen. Start with the floor by placing your planks and wool blocks in any pattern you wish. 

Any type of block can be used for a stove but I’d suggest you use a furnace, make sure you have a button adjacent to it. Placing two blocks like a stack with buttons on them gives you a refrigerator. 

Your kitchen counter can be made of any type of block. Just make sure they’re placed in a row and have consistent coloring. 

A simple kitchen in Minecraft

Your kitchen would be considered adequate with the things mentioned above. However, You’re free to add more things if you wish.

Having a table and a chair wouldn’t hurt. Minecraft feeds on your creativity so make sure you apply it to the fullest.

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