Fall Guys XBOX & Switch Release Dates (2023)

Fall Guys: Xbox, Switch Release Dates

Ever since Fall Guys originally came out to the masses in February 2020, PlayStation 4 and PC players have been having an absolute blast playing the game.

Fall Guys is one of the most unique takes on the battle royale genre, wherein it takes place in a game show much like Total Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle.

It has dozens of different game modes for players to take part in, as well as some of the best battle pass skins and collaborations!

So, with the game being so absolutely popular all over the world, why hasn’t it still come out on Microsoft Xbox and Nintendo Switch? What can we expect in terms of features with the Xbox and Switch ports? What’s the release date? We’re here to answer all of those questions.

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Expected Release Date For XBOX And Switch

So before we dive in any deeper, the game has an official expected release date window for the Xbox and Nintendo Switch versions for quite a while.

Developer Mediatonic did announce the versions to be released in the summer of 2021. However, obviously, that deadline was not met by them. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 and the work from home restrictions, productivity has been quite low for different ports while making sure new content keeps pouring out.

Then the release date was pushed to be later in 2021, yet we’re almost at the end of the year and the port isn’t exactly out yet. 

So, since those expected release windows were not met, a new expected date has been pushed as sometime in 2022.

There is no clear indication of when in 2022 these versions will be coming out, but according to an Xbox Wire post, the developers are pushing for a 2022 release. For now, though, it seems that players will only be able to enjoy the games on PC and PlayStation platforms only. 

Fall Guys Cross-Platform 2021

Why Fall Guys Don’t Have Switch or XBOX Ports Yet

As mentioned above, it is absolutely one of the topmost priorities for the developer Mediatonic, due to just the insane amount of hype surrounding the release.

The Xbox and Nintendo Switch ports are in active development and are definitely going to be released sometime soon. The delay in the release has been caused by the pandemic, and the work restrictions it has put on studios.

Especially since Mediatonic isn’t the biggest studio out there, having that contrivance is a big issue for them. 

They are working on the Xbox and Switch ports while also constantly improving the game with new patches that include brand new skins, new collaborations, and new game modes. This is a bit too much to handle for a small company but they seem to be doing it fantastically. 

Fall Guys Release On Next-Gen Consoles

Now on the topic of the Next-Gen consoles, it’s a bit different here. You can already play the game on the PlayStation 5 thanks to the backward compatibility from the PlayStation 4.

So assuming that the game comes out on Xbox One then it should be playable on the Xbox Series X as well. It will either be coming out on both of the platforms; as in the Xbox series X and the Xbox One.

Or it will just straight up be playable on both platforms due to backward compatibility, despite it not being released on the Xbox series X. In either case, the game will be playable on both platforms if it releases on either of the platforms.

The Switch is currently the most modern hardware for the Nintendo consoles. So that is the only option for the current generation of Nintendo consoles that Fall Guys will eventually be available on.

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