Lost Ark: How to Unlock Eurus Ship (2023)

Lost Ark: How to Unlock Eurus Ship

Lost Ark is a full-fledged action RPG and that usually means that the game features a little bit of everything. Even though players mainly recommend the game for its action, graphics, and progression system – the exploration aspect of Lost Ark is incredibly important too. After all, it has a large map that is filled with many unique locations.

There are several ways to travel in Lost Ark, and many agree that ships are the best. And one ship in particular that is popular in the game is Eurus – which is fast, durable, and it looks majestic too.

As usual, no good thing comes without appropriate effort. To unlock the Eurus ship in Lost Ark, you’ll need to complete a few steps which includes a quest from Peyto. This process can take a bit of time because it involves a fair amount of traveling.

But worry not, we’re here to save your time by pointing you in all the right directions.

Let’s jump into our guide for unlocking Eurus ship in Lost Ark!

How to unlock Eurus in Lost Ark

To start your journey of unlocking Eurus, you first need to go to the ship called Peyto, which is located in the central Sea of Gienah. Simply head in-between the North Vern and Anikka, and you’ll come across the location.

How to unlock Eurus in Lost Ark

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Once you’re there, stand in the orange circle in the middle of the area and it will give you the option to start the “Ride like the Wind” questline. To get the Eurus ship, it’s time to do this quest.

To get the Eurus ship

Interestingly, you need to raise your reputation by constantly completing this quest multiple times. Once you have completed it from around 25 to 30 times – you can stop doing it.

And fortunately, this quest is useful for grinding materials unrelated to obtaining the Eurus ship as well. Keep in mind that this number changes based on updates that the game receives, so it might be slightly different for you.

How to unlock Eurus in Lost Ark

All you need to do to complete the Run like the Wind quest is to travel to Turtle Island, Revelry, and Tortoyk based on where the quest tells you to go. You won’t be traveling alone, since this quest essentially makes you a taxi driver and you’ll need to take customers with you to these locations.

As briefly mentioned before, you need to complete the quest until you build up a specific amount of reputation. And this can be tracked easily because once you’re done – it leads to a new quest called “Fast Sailing Sprint: Eurus”.

eurus ship lost ark

Simply accept this quest and complete it, and then you will receive the Eurus ship in Lost Ark as a reward.

Congratulations, you now own the magnificent Eurus ship in Lost Ark – which is one of the fastest ships in the game. And it really helps that you can do this quest early on into the game too, which makes your traversal a smooth experience.

You can even customize the Eurus ship with an alternative skin, which has a beautiful floral design that is hard to resist.

We hope that you found our guide for unlocking the Eurus ship in Lost Ark useful. And while you’re still here, make sure to check out many of our other helpful gaming guides too!

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