Palworld: Here’s How Many Bases A Guild Can Have

How Many Bases Can A Guild Have in Palworld

Bases are one of the most important aspects of Palworld since they serve as your main area of operations. Whether it’s building things, creating factories, running a farm, or managing your workforce – all of that is easily possible with the use of a base.

As you spend more time with the game and level up, you unlock the ability to create more bases. Having a ton of bases spread throughout Palworld’s large map is very useful as it makes the world feel less empty. And of course, it allows you to have more resources as your Pals get to work.

The rules of the game are slightly different based on whether you’re playing it alone or inside a guild. Due to that, a common question that comes up is ‘how many bases can you build in a guild in Palworld’?

So, without wasting any time, let’s answer that question.

How Many Bases Can A Guild Have in Palworld?

The maximum number of bases that a guild can have in Palworld is 3. If you ally yourself in a guild, you will share a total of three bases with other players, which cannot be exceeded for now.

If you don’t ally yourself to a guild, you can have 3 bases to yourself without sharing them. So, the choice is entirely up to the players regarding whether they want 3 shared bases or 3 bases each individually.

How Many Bases Can You Have in Palworld?

If you’re not in a guild, you can have 3 main bases in the game to yourself. These are not shared with anyone.

If you join a guild, you can only have 3 shared bases with other players. So, it’s important to remember the distinction before allying yourself with guilds in Palworld.

Can you exceed the number of bases that a guild can have in Palworld?

For now, it’s not possible to have more than 3 shared bases in a guild. You can build structures around the map without the use of a Palbox – but it’s an inferior experience as you won’t be able to utilize all the benefits that a main base brings to the table.

This does not mean that things will remain this way in the game forever. The developers of Palworld might add a higher number of shared bases in a future update.

palworld guilds map

Why can’t I set up three bases in Palworld?

You need to level up before you can create a total of 3 bases in Palworld, both in and outside of a guild. The second base is unlocked at Level 10, while the third one is unlocked at Level 15.

That’s everything that you need to know about how many bases you can create in a guild in Palworld. We hope that you found this guide useful, and while you’re still here, make sure to check out some of our other Palworld guides too!

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