Dark Souls 3 Cheat Engine (How to Get It)

darksouls 3 cheat engine

You tired of hearing “git gud” ? Or maybe you already beat the game but you want to revisit it without having to farm souls? Cheat Engine is the way for you to go.

What even is Cheat Engine? Cheat Engine is software that allows you to change your game data manually. Just like the name implies, it enables you to cheat. In Dark Souls 3, it gives you the ability to change your stats and spawn items.

It’s a bit daunting at first but you’ll find it a lot easier once you get used to it.

Cheating comes with a few risks. Here’s a quick warning before we get into how to actually get and use Cheat Engine:

While there is no Valve Anti-Cheat for Dark Souls 3 on Steam, using Cheat Engine on multiplayer will result in a soft ban. A soft ban will limit you to servers with other soft-banned players. The only way to avoid this is by making sure that you play offline

Onto how to get Cheat Engine and the Dark Souls 3 cheat table: 

Now that we’ve got Cheat Engine installed and the Dark Souls 3 cheat table downloaded, we’re ready to have to some fun.

Start Dark Souls 3 and open up Cheat Engine. If you’re playing Dark Souls 3 in fullscreen, I recommend you switch to windowed mode to make things convenient.

After launching Dark Souls 3 and with Cheat Engine now open, click on the Open icon that’s directly under file. Select the Dark Souls 3 cheat table that you downloaded earlier and click open.

After opening the table, go ahead and select the Dark Souls 3 process. You do that by clicking ‘find process’ that’s under file, selecting Dark Souls 3 and then finally pressing Open. 

Now that the Cheat Engine table is open, check the “Open – – Table v1.2.0 – Game v1.15” box, then check the “Helpers” box and finally, check the “Item Gib” box.

Spawning an item requires an item ID. Here is a searchable list of every item in the game. https://commands.gg/ds3/items

As an example for this guide, we’ll be using the item ID for a Torch 015EF3C0.

With Item Gib open, double click on the “Item ID (Hex)” field. Make sure you double click the item code in the “Value” column to change it. A small popup window will appear asking you “What value to change this to?”.

We’re going for a Torch in this guide so we’ll go ahead and paste the Item ID for it 015EF3C0. You can replace with any other Item ID you want. Go to the searchable list https://commands.gg/ds3/items and pick what you want.

After you entered the Item ID, press “OK” and check the “Spawn Item” in the table.

There you go! If you followed these steps, your item should instantly spawn on the floor in-game.

If you want to skip farming enemies and quickly level up. You can spawn as many Souls as you want using that method. Consume them and have fun picking which stats you’ll be maxing out first.

It’s much easier than it actually sounds. Don’t forget to play offline to avoid getting soft banned.

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