The 10 Best Skyrim Mage Builds (2023)

best mage builds for skyrim 2021

The world of Skyrim is filled with a ton of different races and even more so, classes such as archers, thieves, Warlocks, assassins, mages, and more. This kind of action is common in new games as well, the new Outriders from Square Enix, for example.

All the classes have their advantages and rightfully so, disadvantages. But out of all the classes in Skyrim, being a mage can be a bit of a challenge, yet incredibly fun if done right.

So, if you are looking for the top 10 best Skyrim Mage builds, then you are in the right place. Here we will go through some of the coolest mage builds in Skyrim that you just can’t go wrong with. Let’s get right into it.

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1. The Dream Strider

The Dream Strider best skyrim mage builds

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Now to start things off, we have a strange mage build, called the Dream Strider. This build uses magic, stealth, and close combat to its advantage. Now, this build may look quite normal at first, but it actually uses others to fight off enemies.

Yes, you read that right. Instead of fighting on your own, in this build, you actually control others to do much of the fighting for you.

For this build, you need some obvious spells like the Illusion spell, the frenzy spell, the fear spell, the calm spell, the Dual casting illusion perk topped off with the master of illusions robe, and, some plain old Daggers.

2. Spellsword

Spellsword skyrim mage

Now, Spellsword is more of a hybrid build, rather than just a pure mage build. The Spell sword is more of a magic swordsman that is able to cast high-level magic and use a sword effectively for physical attacks.

This build uses a number of spells from Illusion magic, restoration, and alteration along with one-handed skills and even heavy armor that would allow you to face off against stronger enemies that even high enemies that can stand even the most powerful expert-level destructive spells.

3. Druid

Druid best skyrim mage builds

The Druid build is one of the most useful and highly replayable mage class builds that you can go for in Skyrim. Since this does not kill any animals, it gives you another challenge to not kill any wildlife that comes your way, and rather use shouts, and even spells to tame and scare away aggressive beasts.

For the Druid build, you need the Illusion spells, One-hand, Alchemy, and of course Alteration since you will be more bounded to earth than anything else.

4. Necromancer

Best skyrim mage builds Necromancer

Now, no matter how cool the previous three entries are, the Necromancer takes the cake as one of the deadliest mage types builds on this list.

Although initially it is quite difficult to upgrade this build, with the amount you have to invest on Magicka early on, on higher levels, this build is not only incredibly fun but also quite a bit enjoyable, to say the least.

This mage specializes in conjuration, Destruction, and Alteration. With this build, you can easily conjure up powerful creatures like The Ash Guardian, Storm Atronach, or even a Seeker to build up a powerful group of loyal servants.

5. Destruction Mage

Destruction Mage best skyrim mage

Another build with an incredibly high Magicka cost, a Destruction Mage carries some of the most destructive spells in the game that beginners, as well as pro-Skyrim players, swear by.

In order to make this build, the player just needs to complete the Winterhold College Quest, and invest a lot in their Magicka. And pick up small damage buffs along the way to conjure up some of the most powerful, one-shot spells in the game.

6. The Battle Mage

The Battle Mage skyrim builds

The Battle Mage is one of the most interesting Mages on this list. Just like Spellsword, The Battle Mage is also a hybrid build where the build has high physical combat and magic stats. 

And unlike the previous Destruction Mage, where Destruction magic becomes a lot less useful at higher levels; the combat mage is a well-balanced build for all levels.

For this build, you would need Heavy Armor, along with mastery of Alteration, Destruction, and Conjuration along with alchemy, enchanting, and fire magic.

7. Healer

Healer skyrim mage

Normally in any group, the Healer is the support and always the rear of any group. But, if you want to have a bit more competitive play in Skyrim as a support class taking the helm, then this build might just be the one for you.

The Healer is especially incredibly effective against the undead and similar class of monsters in Skyrim.

You need to learn healing magic like Restoration, Alteration, and other such spells for this build. 

Although at lower levels, these builds are not as effective, at higher levels, a healer is one of the best builds you could go for, especially against the vampires that have spread their fear in the villages of the old kingdom.

8. Alteration Mage

Alteration Mage skyrim

If you are tired of all the normal, and classic mages then the Alteration mage must be the one you are looking for.

Using the Vokrii – Minimalistic Perks of Skyrim you can modify the Alteration spell tree and essentially use the magic school to manipulate the environment.

The Alteration mage can essentially call up walls, manipulate a moving target, and essentially earth bend to your will.

9. Vaermina Dream-Stealer

Vaermina Dream-Stealer

If you want to have some fun in Skyrim, by giving the poor souls of Old Kingdom some nightmares and more so, steal their dreams then this build with the Oridantor Mod is a unique treat that you could have a lot of fun with.

For this builds you need to be a vampire, then learn the Illusion spells, essentially get the Neverworld perks, and using the Dream Charm feast upon the dreams of unsuspecting sleepers and have a unique gaming experience unlike no other mage in all of Skyrim.

10. The True Mage

The True Mage best skyrim mage builds

And last but not least we have the classic True Mage. Now, this is essentially one of the hardest builds in Skyrim, as the True Mage is solely reliant on magic, and magic only.

So, for this build, you need to invest a lot of your points in Magicka and be totally focused on building up your spell library so you have a spell ready for every single situation you would get yourself in.

For this build, you need to master, Conjuration magic, Alteration magic, Restoration magic, and Destruction magic. You would also need to learn Alchemy and enchanting to add as many Buffs as you want to your armor for maximum benefit.

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