COD Mobile SMG Tier List (Best SMGs Ranked)

call of duty mobile smg tier list

Looking for a list of the best submachine guns in Call Of Duty Mobile? You’ve come to the right place.

The Battle Royale genre has been ruling over the gaming industry since the release of PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battleground). After that, almost everyone has started to participate in the race to introduce the Battle Royale genre in their video games.

Taking advantage of the Battle Royale genre craze among players, Apex Legends have been released without any notice and successfully achieved the milestone of 10 Million Players within a week.

When everyone introduced their Battle Royale Mobile Versions, how Call of Duty could be left behind surprised everyone but it quickly bounced back with its own version even rivaling PUBG.

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Call of Duty Mobile – The Best Battle Royale Game

Call of Duty Mobile is designed for you if you want to enjoy the Battle Royale genre with military-themed gameplay. It releases realistic graphics and hundreds of real-world guns that you can use to be the last standing player.

You can choose the mode, ranging from Solo to Squad; however, playing with teammates has more fun. Knowing each weapon may help you ensure your victory, though characters also matter.

Each weapon has unique characteristics and abilities. It would help if you kept them upgrading to unlock their extraordinary powers, shooting abilities, magazines, aims, accuracy, and more.

Best SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile

As mentioned above, the game features dozens of arms, ranging from Machinegun to Rifle.

Undoubtedly, many players would love to play with Snipers as it helps you knock out a player in one shot; however, having a better aim is required. Similarly, different SMGs are also featured, giving you better next-level gameplay because of the best aim accuracy and fire rate.

Here’s a list of SMGs in Call of Duty Mobile.

 S.No.SMGDamageAccuracyFire RateRange
6.PP19 Bizon26626552
8.HG 4026596748
10.AGR 55625377537

Indeed, lots of SMGs are there, but the majority of players who are new to the game are intended to know about the best SMGs, and their names are the following:

  • Pharo – Keep in mind that Call of Duty doesn’t feature any lethal SMG; however, one of the best SMG is Pharo, which helps you easily knock out opposing players in close-range battles.
  • MX9 – The latest SMG added to Call of Duty Mobile is MX9, putting into the race of becoming the best SMG in COD Mobile. It comes with a damage rate of almost 36 and up to 86 Fire Rate. In short, it is a killing machine that wipes out all of your enemies in close-range combat.
  • GKS – It comes with a decent amount of damage and unique selling points, known as GKS. The accuracy is 62, and it is helpful in the short-mid range combats.
call of duty mobile smg tier list

SMG Tier List

As mentioned in the table, the game has 15 SMGs, and we have categorized them into five tiers.

S-Tier List

  • MX9
  • QQ9
  • MSMC.

A-Tier List

  • PP19 Bizon
  • Cordite
  • RUS-79U.

B-Tier List

  • Fennec
  • Razorback
  • QXR.

C-Tier List

  • AGR 556
  • GKS.

D-Tier List

  • Chicom
  • PDW-57
  • HG40
  • Pharo.

Discover more tier lists:

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