Arena Of Valor Tier List 2023: Best Characters Ranked

Arena of Valor Best Heroes Tier List

Arena of Valor may not be as big as MLBB, but it’s a game that thousands of people play every day and it’s considered a relevant competitor in the mobile MOBA market.

As you would come to expect, the game is filled with a large number of heroes that all have their unique advantages and flaws, and it’s not always an easy task to get the ones that you want without spending a lot of real-world money on the game.

Not every hero is created equal and it always helps to know which heroes are the most effective ones in the game based on every single class, which are Support, Mage, Assassin, Warrior, Marksman, and Tank.

So, we’ve created a thorough tier list of every character in the game based on the latest Arena of Valor 2022 updates – so let’s take a look and find you some champions.

Arena of Valor Best Heroes Tier List

Arena of Valor has dozens of characters, so not every single one of them can be explained in detail without the list becoming redundant. So, the order of the tier determines how useful they are in the game and then you can seek their information out within the game itself.

The tier list will mention the classes that the heroes belong to since every team needs one of each.

You cannot pick all of your characters from the same class, so you need to know who the best characters are in every type of gameplay purpose that they serve.

Let’s briefly go over the classes in the game for a moment:

  1. Mage: The class meant for magic and zoning, keeping enemies at a distance while providing a little support to teammates.
  2. Tank: The no-brainer class, quite literally. The characters in this class require little strategy and rely on brute strength.
  3. Warrior: Similar to tanks but more versatile, they can have better speed and weapons but slightly lower damage.
  4. Assassin: The class is meant for focusing on eliminating targets one by one and executing those weakened by fellow teammates.
  5. Support: As the name implies, this class supports their teammates and generally has healing-based abilities. They still can inflict damage too, of course, it’s just not their best feature.

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Without wasting a second more, let’s get right into the tier list for Arena of Valor. Naturally, S is the highest tier which means that these characters are amazing.

Whereas F is the lowest tier and includes useless characters. Everything in-between either includes doable characters or those who are pretty good but just not as royally gifted as the S tier.

Best S-Tier Arena of Valor Heroes

Here’s a list of Arena of Valor S-Tier heroes and their classes.

AssassinButterfly, Keera, Paine
MageLorion, Ignis, Zata
MarksmanHayate, Capheny
WarriorWonder Woman, Riktor

Best Arena of Valor A-Tier Heroes

Here’s a list of Arena of Valor A-Tier heroes and their classes.

AssassinBright, Quillen, Kriknak
MageRaz, Ilumia, Krixi, Lilianna
MarksmanSlimz, Violet, Brunhilda
SupportZip, Krizzix
WarriorQi, Florentino, Veres, Ryima, Allain, Maloch, Omen, Yena, Dextra.

Best B-Tier Arena of Valor Heroes

Here’s a list of Arena of Valor B-Tier heroes and their classes.

AssassinAiri, Nakroth
MageZill, Tulen, Flash, Aliester, Diaochan, Diaochan, Azzen’Ka
TankBaldum, Ata, Grakk, Ormarr, Y’bneth, Xeniel, Y’bneth
MarksmanElsu, Fennik, Laville, Moren, Tel’Annas, Eland’orr
SupportChaugnar, Rouie
WarriorZuka, Superman, Kil’Groth, Zephys, Arthur, Rourke.

Best C-Tier Arena of Valor Heroes

Here’s a list of Arena of Valor C-Tier heroes and their classes.

MageDirak, Marja
TankRoxie, Mina, Omega
MarksmanThe Joker, Wisp, Lindis, Thorne, Valhein,
SupportPeura, Lumbrr
WarriorLu Bi,

Best D-Tier Arena of Valor Heroes

Here’s a list of Arena of Valor D-Tier heroes and their classes.

AssassinEnzo, Wukong, Batman, Murad
MageLauriel, Preyta, D’Arcy, Jinnar, Sephera, Kahli, Veera, Gildur
WarriorAstrid, Skud, Wiro, Zanis

Best F-Tier Arena of Valor Heroes

Here’s a list of Arena of Valor F-Tier heroes and their classes.

TankCresht, Taara, Toro, Arum
WarriorErrol, Amily

And that wraps up our guide for the Arena of Valor Tier List of 2022.

This list is based on the latest update at the time of being written, so it may have a few minor changes over time. However, we’ll try our best to keep it up-to-date and the S tier characters hardly ever lose their spot either way.

We hope you’re already on the way to unlocking the best heroes for yourself, and while you’re here, make sure to check out some of the other guides on our site too.

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