Witcher 3 Best Steel Swords: Tier List 2023

the witcher 3 best swords ranked

Killing monsters for money is a Witcher’s real job, on paper. But every Witcher player knows you’ll kill just as many humans as monsters in your Witcher 3 gameplay. Some humans can prove to be worse than monsters; This is arguably one of the game’s core themes.

I’m sure you’re aware, Steel Swords are for Humans, and Silvers Swords are for monsters. Some of the first human targets you’ll encounter in the game will be bandits; they are not hard to kill. But they can be annoying because you’ll often face multiple bandits at once, especially if you don’t have a good steel sword.

You’ll also need your steel sword for the non-magical fauna of the forest, such as Bears and wolves. Wolves will prove to be much more painful than bears because they’re quick; they can dodge many of them. 

Keep in mind that I’m not including Witcher School Gear swords. But I suggest you craft at least one set throughout your first game playthrough. 

Best Swords In The Witcher 3 (Ranked)

Having a good build and sword can make killing enemies feel like running through butter with a knife. Below is a comprehensive ranked list of the Best Steel Swords in the Witcher 3.

6. Forgotten Vran Sword

This sword has the least level requirement in the list and average damage. So obviously, it’s the least impressive sword on the list.

Disassembling the sword will give 4 Iron Ingots, 4 Leather Straps, and a Diamond.

The minimum level requirement for the Forgotten Vran Sword is 40. It has a damage of 316-386. On the bright side, it has a +13% critical hit bonus damage and a 10% chance to stun. If you wish to buy this sword, it will cost 913 crowns.

You’ll find this sword easily in the Jenny o’ the Woods contract.

5. Harvell

The Harvard is a quick broadsword that you can use if the damage is not your primary concern. This sword is preferable if you favor the igni sign during combat.

The Harvell offers damage of 320-392. But it’s the main attraction is the +11 Igni Sign intensity and the +9% chance to burn.

Disassembling the sword will give you 2 Ambers, one leather strap, and 4 Iron Ingots.

The Harvell Sword can be found in the “An Unfortunate Turn of Events” Trease Hunt.

4. Ashrune

The Ashrune Sword has one of my favorite sword designs in the game. The hilt is curved and sharp-edged. It kind of looks like a lighting sword.

The Damage dealt with is 319-389, with a critical hit chance of 4% and freeze chance of +5%.

You can find this sword in Velen.

 3. Mourner

The Mourner (one of the coolest sword names ever, to be honest) is a heavy hitter. You can use it effectively against armored opponents.

It has a damage of 327-399. It offers +18 armor piercing and a 20% critical hit chance.

The mourner cannot be crafted. Its only known location is at the bridge north of Lindenvale in velen.

2. Hjalmar’s Steel Sword

Hjalmar’s Steel is arguably the only rival to the Toussaint Knight’s steel sword in Witcher 3.

However, it is the strongest steel sword in the base game since the Toussaint Knight’s Steel Sword can only be obtained if you have the blood and wine DLC.

It has monstrous damage of 734-898. Along with a

45-200% chance of critical hit bonus and 2-3% experience gain after killing humans and non-humans.

There are no diagrams for this sword, and it can only be obtained by winning it from Hjalmar himself after defeating Vildkaarl in the King’s Gambit Quest.

1. Toussaint Knight’s Steel Sword – Crafted Version

Rest assured, this sword will end your journey once you obtain it. You don’t need any other steel sword once you obtain this.

In terms of damage and overall stats, you won’t see any sword better than this in the game.

It has mind-boggling damage of 745-911. There is a +100% critical damage. A +30% quen sign intensity bonus and a +20% critical hit chance. And of course, there’s the +15% chance of causing burns.

The diagram for this sword can be found in a chest on the upper floor of the central ruined tower of Arthach Palace Ruins. 

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