Arya Stark MultiVersus Best Moves, Stats & Perks (2023)

Arya Stark MultiVersus Best Moves, Stats & Perks (2022)

There are a lot of familiar faces in the crossover fighting game MultiVersus, such as Arya Stark from the George R.R. Martin book and HBO hit show Game of Thrones.

In the free-to-play game, she belongs to the assassin class and is actually one of the most powerful characters. Just like her appearance in the television show, Arya steals faces and mainly fights with her trusty sword, Needle, as well as a couple of other knives.

However, she flaunts the “expert” tag, which means that she’s a much more complicated character to play. While you can spam her basic moves, you can deal even more damage when you master her combo moves.

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Arya Stark’s best moves, stats, and perks in MultiVersus!

MultiVersus’s Arya Stark Best Moves

MultiVersus’s Arya Stark Best Moves

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1. Needle Strike

The Needle Strike is Arya’s neutral ground attack where she steps backward before thrusting her sword forward, stabbing her opponent. You can deal more damage and increase your range when you charge the attack.

This move is perfect as a counterattack when you’re fighting against Finn the Human’s charging sword or Shaggy’s flying kick.

2. Knife Flourish

The Knife Flourish is Arya’s neutral air attack in which she twirls her sword and charges at her enemy forty-five degrees from the air. It’s a pretty fast move to pull and can be used twice in a row. When enemies are attacking horizontally or vertically, the Knife Flourish is a great way to avoid those hits and deal damage at the same time.

3. Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges is a side ground attack that can be used as a combo. The first hit typically hitstuns an opponent and the second hit throws them horizontally. However, the range for this attack isn’t great and is better when either charged or used as a follow-up on a neutral air attack.

4. Whirling Stab

The Whirling Stab is an upward air attack that is best paired with the Dagger Slash. Simultaneous use of both attacks leads to a deadly ladder combo, keeping you and your opponent in the air as you slash them, dealing a huge amount of damage.

5. Stinger

The Stinger is Arya’s downward air attack in which she stabs the enemy from above vertically. This move has a good deal of range, damage, and knockback. You can slow down her fall by mapping the attacks to the right joystick. This move can also be charged and is great for opponents who are trying to recover.

MultiVersus’s Arya Stark Special Abilities

MultiVersus’s Arya Stark Special Abilities

1. Face Stealer

Because she was trained in Essos to become part of the Faceless Men, a guild of assassins who have the ability to change faces, Arya is quite skilled at the talent. The Face Stealer allows you to steal an ally or opponent’s appearance and neutral attack for a limited amount of time.

Repeating this special unleashes a shockwave that shocks nearby enemies as you take on their form. This special move is complicated to pull off and requires good timing. Some of the best characters you can steal from are Shaggy, Finn the Human, Wonder Woman, and Harley Quinn. 

2. Blade Sharpener

The Blade Sharpener is a downward special which lets Arya dodge an attack and retreat back to her teammate. In addition to that, both the teammate and Arya get the Disorient buff, a passive buff that allows you to break your enemy’s armor and turn them away from you, giving you a perfect opportunity to stab them in the back. 

3. Knife Thrower

The Knife Thrower is Arya’s main side special, this lets her throw a knife projectile that will stick to whatever it lands on. When repeated, Arya dashes towards the location of the knife and takes it back. Be careful though, you could fall to your death if the knife falls over the edge of the map and you retrieve it!

4. Spinning Stab

When a knife attaches to a fighter using the Knife Thrower, Arya’s cooldown is reduced. If you’re in cooldown as Arya, your side special will be replaced with the Spinning Stab that makes the most out of the Disorient buff, which lets you break armor. The Spinning Stab has incredible range and is great for throwing enemies off the map.

5. Dagger Slash

The Dagger Slash is Arya’s upward special that isn’t as difficult as the rest of her special moves. This ability lets her perform an undercut with her dagger and launches both the enemy and Arya into the air. This opens a lot of doors for devastating ladder combos and low-damage knockouts.

MultiVersus’s Arya Stark Perks

Now that we’ve talked about Arya Starks best moves and special abilities, it’s time to move on to her perks. Perks are special power-ups that grant different buffs to players and can be stacked when teammates select the same perk. 

MultiVersus’s Arya Stark Perks

1. Betrayal 

The name of this perk says it all, it’s pretty useless when you’re on 1v1 because it requires a teammate. Hitting an ally with a dagger gives it a longer cooldown but also gives them an enraged buff. Arya also gets enraged when you dash towards the dagger. This means that the next attack you and your teammate perform will give a Weakened effect on the target.

2. Trophy

Trophy is another face-stealing perk that lets you automatically steal an enemy’s face once they have been knocked out. This perk might be a better choice over Betrayal if you prefer a quicker cooldown on the Knife Thrower.

3. Triple Jump

Because Arya is a fighter that thrives in the air, an aerial perk like the Triple Jump is a must-have. Make your teammate select this perk as well and you’ll get extra jumps.

4. Aerial Acrobat

The Aerial Acrobat perk gives your ally a 10% increase in air acceleration and 20% when stacked. This lets Arya move through the air quickly and corner her enemies, making this one of the best perks to have.

5. Leg Day Champ

This perk is a bit similar to the Aerial Acrobat perk but instead increases your jump height by 10% and 15% when stacked.


Alright, that’s all we can say about Arya Stark in MultiVersus. Of course, there’s much to explore about this character and what she has to offer. Although she’s hard to master, Arya is still one of the most fun characters to play in the Warner Bros. game.

All it takes is a lot of practice and research, which is why we’ve made these guides. While you’re here, check out our guides on MultiVersus and other related games!

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