What Level Does Pancham Evolve In Pokemon SW/SH?

What Level Does Pancham Evolve In Pokemon SW-SH

For Pokemon lovers who are eager to add a bunch of Pokemon to their Pokedex, you must visit the Galar region. The Galar region is full of excited Pokemons you can get your hands on.

For players aspiring to get that shiny charm, you must have Pancham and its evolution Pangoro in your Pokedex. In summary, Pancham evolves into Pangoro at Level 32.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about Pancham and how you can evolve it into a Pangoro.

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Getting Pancham in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You will need to get a Pancham first before you can evolve it into a Pangoro. The best way to find a Pancham is by looking for it in the wild.

It is not very difficult to get your hands on a Pancham in Pokemon Sword and Shield. We will help you with your course. Just keep patience and keep on reading to know at which level Pancham evolve. 

To find Pancham, you must visit a few locations that are listed down below. 

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1. East Lake Axewell

The Probability of getting a Pancham depends on the weather. The highest chance of catching a Pancham in East Lake Axewell is in Overcast conditions with a chance of 35 percent.

The chances drop down to 15 percent in a snowstorm and to 10 percent while it’s snowing. During a thunderstorm, sandstorm, or intense sun, the chances of getting a Pancham are 5 percent each. 

2. Route 3

When you are looking for a Pancham on route 3, it does not matter how good or bad the weather is. The chances of getting a Pancham on route 3 are 20 percent in all weather conditions. One out of 5 times you visit route 3, you will find a Pancham. 

3. Rolling Fields

The highest probability of you finding a Pancham is in the Rolling Fields with a chance of 60 percent. The weather does not matter in the Rolling fields either, the 60% chance of finding a Pancham stays the same. 

4. West Lake Axewell

The chances of you finding a Pancham in West Lake Axewell during overcast conditions stand at 25 percent. The chances drop to 10 percent during intense sun. 

You can start looking for Pancham in the Rolling Fields first. The chances of you finding Pancham in rolling fields are more than in any other location. If that doesn’t work out, you check out East Lake Axewell during overcast conditions. 

A well-prepared strategy based on the above data will surely lead you to a Pancham. Once you have Pancham in your pack, you have completed half of your quest. The next step is evolving your Pancham into a Pangoro. 

What Level Does Pancham Evolve In Pokemon SW-SH

Evolving Pancham into Pangoro

The process of evolving Pancham is simple and involves two steps. All you need to do is follow the two steps mentioned below:

The first step is making sure that you have a dark-type Pokemon in your Pokedex while you are training up your Pancham. Consider this as a prerequisite to evolving your Pancham into Pangoro in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Before you start training your Pancham, make sure you acquire a Dark-type Pokemon. 

Once you have a Dark-type Pokemon, you are all set. Now you can start leveling up your Pancham. The maximum level you can train your Pancham is level 32. Once it is reached, your Pancham will evolve into a Pangoro. 

To answer your initial question, Pancham Evolves into Pangoro at level 32. We hope we have mentioned everything you needed to know regarding Pancham and how you can evolve it into a Pangoro. Wish you all the best! 

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