Pokemon Go: Shiny Yveltal Best Counters, Moveset, How to Catch

Shiny Yveltal Best Counters, Moveset, How to Catch

Pokemon GO has added hundreds of new Pokemon over the years. Some of them are easy to find and capture, while some remain very hard, only the best players can get their hands on these Pokemon.

Most of the legendaries fall in this category, and most of the time they are found in raids.

Going to raids alone is a suicidal move if you aren’t a high-level player; these raid bosses will literally crush every Pokemon you have without even taking any significant hit. One such Pokemon is Yveltal, which is very hard to get your hands on.

So in today’s blog post, we will guide you on how to capture this beast of a Pokemon, what counters to use, how to catch it, and what is the best moveset for it once you get a hold of it. So let’s get into it!

Yveltal Best counters

Yvetal is a Dark/Flying-type Pokemon, a rare type combination in the Pokeverse.

Due to this, dual typing gets a lot of resistance, but it also gets more counters that we can use against it in a battle. Because of Yvetal’s typing, it is weak to Rock, electric, Ice, and fairy-type moves in Pokemon GO!

There are many different Pokemon that you can use to counter these beats. Still, the 5 strongest Pokemon that we recommend are as follows. 

  • Darmantian (Galarian Zen) (Ice fang, Avalanche)
  • Thundurus (Therian) (Thundershock, thunderbolt)
  • Ramparados  (smackdown, rockslide)
  • Zacian (quick attack, play rough)
  • Zekrom (charge beam, wild charge).

How to catch Shiny Yveltal

Once you know the counters for Yvetal, make sure you get them at your raid party. Also, make sure to use the moves we’ve recommended; these are proven the most effective actions against Yvetal.

If you and your party play your cards right, you can easily capture this Pokemon with ease, without even breaking a sweat.

But raid battles are complex, and you should make sure you have some excellent companions.

Also, suppose you don’t get the Pokemon mentioned above at your party. In that case, you can use these alternatives – Glacion, Gardevoir, Luxray, Weavile, Jolteon, Manectric, and others who can use the moves mentioned above.

Yveltal best moveset

Choosing the best moveset for any Pokemon in Pokemon GO isn’t that hard; you just need to find a combination that provides the highest DPS output on their enemy. As Yvetal is a Flying/Dark-type, the moveset it can utilize the most is – 

Gust+Hurricane (63.9 DPS) or Gust+Hyperbeam (54.5 DPS)

Both these moveset combinations provide a high damage output in gym battles and PvP battles that you will engage in. Getting these moves won’t be easy, but you’ll have to keep trying.

Shiny Yvetal: Pokemon GO

Apart from being a hard Pokemon to catch, Yvetal was also a box art mascot for the 6th generation of Pokemon games. It is also part of the Aura trio, along with Xerneas and Zygarde.

They all were a part of Pokemon X & Y. That’s the reason why Yvetal looks like the letter Y!.

Catching a normal Yvetal and Shiny Yvetal isn’t different at all. Both Pokemon have the same moveset on them; the only difference is their rarity in Pokemon go. Shiny Yvetal has a different color palette than that of a normal Yvetal.

As it is a rare Pokemon, don’t expect to find it on your first try; the odds are stacked against you in this regard. Catching a shiny Pokemon is very hard. But if you find one, use the same tricks mentioned above.

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