Spider-Man: Miles Morales

spider-man: miles morales

A sequel to 2018’s wildly successful Marvel’s Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Miles Morales is kind of a standalone expansion that focuses on the character of Miles Morales, and his adventures within New York City to fight against the new threats while Peter Parker is in a different country.

Much like the first game, it was released exclusively on the PlayStation platforms, and is a launch exclusive for PS5, and received good reviews from critics and fans alike.

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Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay

The gameplay of the game is essentially the same as its predecessor – you play in third-person and have complete freedom of traversing through the game’s large city. The city is filled with different quests and events to complete, as well as collectibles that you can find. The majority of the story and side missions are based on combat and performing different abilities such as acrobatics and sneaking around to certain points depending on the context.

The combat itself works like a beat ‘em up, and you change different attacks to create long combos which reward you for execution. You can parry attacks while fighting which greatly helps you manage larger numbers of enemies, and can freely switch between different enemies if you consider one more of a threat.

Additionally, the game has tons of different upgrades which you can buy for your abilities, especially the combat ones, by creating a lot of main and side missions and earning experience points for it. You can also unlock different suits which come with their own list of advantages over each other, such as one having lesser damage upon being attacked to name an example.

Once you beat the game, you can continue travelling through the city for as long as you like and complete the potential side quests and collectibles you had missed out on – or you can start it over on a harder difficulty with the upgrades you earned on your first playthrough.

Spider-Man: Miles Morales Gameplay Tips

One of the most important things that you can practice in the game which will help you later on is the ‘Perfect Dodge’. As soon as you see the red Spider-Sense indication on top of Miles’ head, quickly press the dodge button to gain a parrying-like advantage in the combat situation.

If you have trouble with the enemies carrying giant robotic arms, using ‘Dodge Under’ and moves that launch enemies in the air will be very helpful to get yourself out of the sticky situation.

One of the best new things about Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the fact our new hero comes with his own set of moves and powers, and one of them is the iconic ‘Venom Blast’. Don’t be afraid to use them every time you can, because you can only store three of them at a time anyway. But don’t spam it at the same time, try to save it for enemies that are brutes.

The Venom Blast is split into five different variations:

  • Venom Punch – To beat down brute enemies and potentially stun them
  • Venom Smash – For smaller enemies, using this can do some crowd-clearance
  • Venom Dash – This one is for the enemies that are shielded and can block the Venom Punch, so use the dash to your advantage
  • Venom Jump – This one launches your enemies in the air and disarms them of guns too. One of the most useful variations.
  • Mega Venom Blast – This one uses all of your Venom bars, so be careful when using it. But once you decide to use it, you wont regret it as it can knock down a big number of enemies surrounding you immediately.
  • If you find the game a bit difficult, try to complete the challenges in the game which will unlock more things for you and give you experience points. And don’t forget to upgrade your abilities and gadgets with the points that you earn, of course.
  • Aside from the usual abilities and gadgets, your suits can have mods too. And different suits in general provide new properties to assist you in combat – so make sure you customize this aspect as well.

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