10 Best Electric Pokemon Characters to Use

Pokemon is one of the oldest and most profitable franchises on the planet, so it’s only natural that there are hundreds of different original Pokemon as of 2020. All of them are very diverse and distinctly vary from each other, and they make up of 18 different types that determine how their powers work, what foes they are effective against, and their weaknesses.

While every type of Pokemon character has its ups and downs, there are a few that are considered more useful and effective than some of the others in direct comparisons. One of them is the Electric-type, which is considered one of the best types to start off with and evolve in time, as well as combine with other types to create special combos.

However, as with everything else, it can be quite time consuming to find the best Electric Pokemon characters from a list of dozens of options available, so we’ve carefully handpicked the 10 best Electric Pokemon characters for you to use and created a list out of it. So, let’s get started with the guide!

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10. Electivire

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Electivire is one of the most effective tank Pokemon in the Electric category. It has one of the highest numbers of attack values in Electric-type characters and its Motor Drive skill allows it to become faster every time it’s hit by an Electric move – which greatly makes up for its lack of speed otherwise

It can also learn a lot of different moves which add to the usefulness if you’re willing to put in the effort, but even its defaults such as Earthquake and Flamethrower attacks are good enough.

9. Luxray

Luxray does not have any out-of-the-box abilities, but his physical powers easily make him one of the best Electric Pokemon you can have. It has 120 Attack stats and a 95 Sp. Atk, which makes it very useful in battles.

In its earlier forms, you can use it for passive gameplay and non-competitive battles, and you might also get lucky and find it with the ‘Intimidate’ ability which lowers the Attack stats of its foes and survive for longer. But once you evolve it to its Dark-type abilities you will be able to add it to your roster of Gym-ready Electric Pokemon and not regret it.

8. Manectric

Manectric’s is quite similar to Luxray, but is a better version of that Pokemon. It has the same quick speed and a 95 Sp. Attack stat, and the Intimidate ability is here too which adds to the survivability.

What makes it ultimately better is its mega-evolution, which greatly boosts its speed and Sp Attack numbers, and it can even learn some Fire and Ice type movies to still be effective against foes that are invulnerable to Electric-type attacks.
If you’re willing to put in the time to achieve its mega form, you’ll have one of the best Electric Pokemon at your service.

7. Rotom

Rotom is a very unique Pokemon and has the ability to possess different things that give it new forms. The form we’re talking about right now is Rotom-W, which it gains after possessing a washing machine. It gains an incredible Electric and Water combination which also retains the Levitate ability Rotom has in general.

It has a high number of Defense and Sp. Defense that makes up for its lack of high HP, but it can go against a lot of powerful Pokemon which even includes Grass-type which is its one weakness in general. It’s also particularly effective against Flying-type Pokemon due to some of its specific attacks.

6. Eelektross

Eelektross is one of the best Electric Pokemon that you can obtain thanks to the fact it offers you the ability to combine your type with the Levitate ability. That allows it to be immune to most Pokemon characters that you’d encounter since it can levitate to be immune to Ground-type attacks and be on the ground to avoid attacks that are overly effective towards Flying-type Pokemon.

On top of the usual diverse abilities it has, it also offers great offensive moves such as Giga Drain and Flamethrower that really make it worthy of a spot on this list.

5. Raikou

While this list is about the best Pokemon to use in terms of gameplay, let’s take a moment to also appreciate how majestic this Legendary character looks – the moment you see it you know it means business. It has very good Attack and Sp. Attack numbers and its speed is surprisingly great for a Pokemon that is so effective offensively.

What makes it even more ridiculously powerful, is the fact it also has great HP and Sp. Defense points making it an all-rounder option to use. It’s one of the best Electric Pokemon you can find and looks great while it destroys your enemies for you.

4. Zapdos

Zapdos is one of the most powerful Pokemon in general, not only in the Electric-types. That’s because it has a great Pressure ability, an effective Electric/Flying combo, and remarkable Stats in all the departments.

It’s one of the earliest Legendaries and still remains a fan-favorite, the only con it has is that the developers have not altered him much in gameplay or personality since its debut and its weaknesses are too obvious to any fan of the series in battle.

3. Magnezone

Magnezone is a pretty good Electric-type Pokemon as it has high Sp. Attack and great offensive moves. But where it truly shines is the fact it has a Magnet Pull ability that can force Steel-type Pokemon from switching away, and that’s a very powerful ability considering that Steel-type Pokemon are extremely strong and responsible for thousands of players stuck in battles until they came up with better strategies.

It’s not a tank/brute Pokemon due to its HP but it’s amazing for support should you encounter any Steel-types, it’s hard to find a Pokemon that nullifies an entire type this incredibly.

2. Dracozolt

Dracozolt has a unique Electric/Dragon hybrid types combination and is much better than the similar Arctozolt Pokemon. It has a great move set which includes Bolt Beak and Sand Rush to name a few and has decent enough stats that let you use it in competitive situations as well.

It’s effective against a ridiculously long list of Pokemon types and only has a weakness to Ground, ice, Dragon, and Fairy.
But even then, it can stand its ground well enough thanks to its 100 Attack, 80 Sp. Attack, 90 Defense and 70 Sp. Defense. It’s a valuable asset to anyone’s team and is the better dragon in the ‘cozolt’ line of Pokemon.

1. Jolteon

Don’t be fooled by Jolteon’s appearance, no matter how many lists you go through you will find him in the top 3 types. In our analysis, it’s the best Electric Pokemon within the franchise so far and you might already have an idea of why due to its incredible popularity.

It’s extremely powerful in offensive capabilities due to the great number of speed and Sp. Attack stats, and it can learn Special moves from many other types of Pokemon so it’s not only useful against Pokemon that are vulnerable to Electric attacks.

What makes it even more useful is the fact it has a Volt Absorb ability which lets you heal HP whenever you take Electric damage and look like a badass while you’re at it. It’s not a brute and can go out after a lot of hits, but its incredible 130 speed is enough to dodge most attacks that you can’t take.
It’s nearly an all-rounder and in general the best Electric Pokemon you can get your hands-on, so don’t forget to keep it close at all times!

That concludes our list for the 10 best Electric Pokemon characters to use, we hope you found the best character to use for your journey in the game’s gorgeous universe. If you have any questions or opinions, don’t forget to leave them in the comments below. And keep an eye out for some of our other helpful guides on the website as well!

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