Remnant From The Ashes: How to Find Stalker’s Den

Remnant From The Ashes: How to Find Stalker's Den

Remnant: From the Ashes is a third-person survival action shooter. The setting is post-apocalyptic and there are monsters aplenty. I for one am tired of hearing that Remnant is basically “Dark Souls with Guns”. I can assure you, it’s so much more than that. 

I’m not usually this dramatic but in my opinion, Remnant is one of the best Sci-Fi shooters out there. This game takes you on an epic journey across multiple planets, your main goal is to find a man called Ford. I’ll admit, there’s a major grinding element in this game. 

As you level up you’re equipped with better gear. The Survival mode doesn’t drag along unlike most shooter games. It’s so well-rounded that it may even seem like a completely different game. 

It may seem surprising but the grinding that you do in Adventure Mode is the most fun. You get to explore the same planet multiple times and scour for resources.

Unfortunately, Swamps of Corsus in Adventure is not free but paid, I really wish it wasn’t because it’s arguably one of the best parts of the game. If you can afford to buy it, I would suggest that you do buy it. I can assure you that you won’t regret it.  

Personally, I found Maul and Stalker to be one of the most annoying bosses in the Remnant: From The Ashes. Maul and Stalker can be described as ugly and uglier. Maul is a boss and his ads include Stinkhound (I wonder how he got that name) and Stalker. 

Remnant From The Ashes: How to Find Stalker's Den

These creatures primarily accompany the Buri tribesmen who are mainly found in the Rhom realm. These three creatures are a type of wasteland hounds. Hounds are infamous for being quick and agile. 

Fighting them is a pain but they do drop a considerable loot which totally makes it worth it. Here’s a quick guide on how to find the stalker’s den.

How to find the Stalker’s Den

Now, the thing with Stalker’s Den is that it doesn’t necessarily have a specific location (told you, annoying).

So the dungeon can be present quite possibly in any place in your game, and there’s a possibility that it’s not even there in your game in which case you can just relax and stop reading.

But if it is in your game, the sections of Rhom are important. Stalker’s Den is what basically connects the two sections. If the den is in your game, you should go to “The Burrows”. I realize that this may seem vague because it is, but there’s no way to actually pinpoint the location of Stalker’s Den. 

Remnant From The Ashes: How to Find Stalker's Den

That’s just how the developers designed it and unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it.

The bottom line is, explore every nook and cranny of the world and look for a dungeon by the name of “The Burrows” which leads to the stalker’s den.

Where can I find Maul?

Maul is found in Rhom, more specifically The Burrows.

What rewards can you get after defeating Maul?

Control Rod, Hound Choker (a crafting component), Glowing (Hard, Nightmare, and Apocalypse).

What is Maul’s weakness?

Aim for its head. It’s also weak against radiation.

What is Stalker’s Weakness?

Stalker’s weakness is also its head.

What does Stalker Drop?

Stalker drops Scraps, Forged Iron, and Ammo (Both long gun and handgun ammo).

What type of creature is Stalker?

Stalker is a wasteland Hound.

Where do I find a Stinkhound?

Just like Maul and Stalker, Stinkhounds are found in Rhom. 

What does Stinkhound Drop?

Just like Stalker, Stinkhound also drops Scraps, Forged Iron, And Ammo (Both Long Gun and Handgun ammo.)

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