Pokemon Unite Dragonite Gameplay, Best Movesets, Counters

pokemon unite dragonite

Fans of Pokemon rejoice, Pokemon Unite is by far one of the best games that you should absolutely be looking into.

Tencent’s latest Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is one of the best Pokemon games in ages, with a beginner-friendly experience and skill ceiling that constantly evolves. Especially now, because the game is getting the most exciting update yet; Dragonite!

Dragonite is one of the most popular, and an absolute fan favorite Pokemon. The game’s popularity has seen a huge rise ever since Dragonite was announced, and that is what makes Pokemon Unite even more appealing!

So, now that Dragonite has been announced, let us give you all the details that make this Pokemon Update such an impressive one.

Here’s the full breakdown of Dragonite, when it was released, the gameplay, the powerful movements, as well as the counters you need to know to win against it!

Pokemon Dragonite Release Date

Dragonite was first announced with the Pokemon Unite Holiday Festivities update, where it was announced that the classic first-generation Dragon-Type Pokemon would be coming to the game on December 19th.

This is an S-Tier Dragon Type Pokemon, which is an all-rounder but excels in ranged attacks.

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Pokemon UNITE Dragonite Best Movesets

Dragonite is the ultimate carry you need on your side, this highly versatile Pokemon doesn’t just have insane mobility, but it also has high damages and very low cooldowns.

It’s a Pokemon that can singlehandedly help decide the fate of a match, which is what makes knowing Dragonrite’s moveset so important for the Dragonite players, and players looking to make it they’re main.

Dragonite Basic Attacks

Dragonite is a long-range attack-based Pokemon, which can deal massive amounts of damage over longer ranges with very short cooldowns.

Here’s a breakdown of Dragonite’s basic moves based on each evolution!

1. Dratini: 

Every third attack becomes a boosted attack, blasting water upon the enemies and in front of the user. The boosted attack deals damage to your enemies while reducing the cooldown of all moves that you have used previously. Not to mention, it also restores a bit of your HP!

2. Dragonair: 

Every third attack becomes a boosted attack, with the same effect on your cooldowns as Dratini. Each use is done so that the boosted attack switches between an electric and water-type attack.

If the water attack is triggered, it has the same extra effect as Dratini’s boosted basic attack. If the electric attack gets used instead, the enemy Pokemon is rendered immobile for a short period of time.

3. Dragonite: 

Every third attack becomes a boosted attack, with the same effect on your cooldowns as Dratini and Dragonair.

With each use, the boosted attack will switch between water, electric, and fire attacks in that specific order. When water or electric attacks hit, they have the same extra effects as Dragonair’s boosted basic attacks.

If the fire attack hits, the opposing Pokémon suffers additional fire damage that can cause the enemy a ton of problems.

dragonite headbutt attack


Dratini and Dragonair – Marvel Scale:

When Dratini or Dragonair are afflicted by a status condition, this ability boosts their defense.

Dragonite – Multiscale:

This passive ability reduces the damage taken by Dragonite for a short period of time. After being triggered, this ability enters a cool-down period.

LEVEL 1 – 3:

1. Twister:

This is a ranged attack with an 8 second cool down. It generates a twister and launches it in the specified direction. It deals a huge amount of damage to the opponents that it will hit, and will also slow down their movement speed for a short span of time. 

2. Dragon Breath:

This is an area of effect attack with an 8 second cool down. A powerful dragon breath is released in the specified direction, dealing a small amount of damage. If the user’s next basic attack successfully lands on an enemy Pokémon, it becomes a boosted attack.


3. Dragon Dance:

This is a dash attack, with a 5-second cooldown and 11609 damage points! Your Pokemon dances ahead, temporarily increasing the total damage, movement speed, and basic attack speed.

Moreover, whenever a basic attack hits an opponent during this boost, the cooldown of Dragon Dance is reduced. When this move is used, the user’s damage dealt increases by up to three times.

4. Extreme Speed:

This is a hindrance attack, with a 9-second cooldown and 611 damage points! While this may not be the most powerful attack in itself, it deals multiple ticks of damage and deals it in an area of effect.

Not to mention, it also reduces the movement speed of opposing Pokémon for a short period of time and resets Multiscale’s cooldown.


5. Hyper Beam:

This is a ranged attack, with an 8-second cooldown and 6624 damage points! Dragonite unleashes a beam of light in a specific direction. This charge attack sweeps opponents in a straight line, dealing a significant amount of damage.

Not only does Hyper Beam deal a decent chunk of damage, but it also takes down a certain percentage of the enemy’s health. After using this move, Dragonite is unable to use any attacks for a small period of time.

6. Outrage:

This is a melee attack, with an 8-second cooldown and a whopping 11169 damage! The user Dragonite becomes rampant, it stomps the ground repeatedly and deals AoE damage to the enemies. Not to mention, it activates the most recently used boosted basic attack ability.

This isn’t all of it though, as all of the basic attacks become special melee boosted attacks and have much higher attack speed during Outrage. However, after Outrage is over; the user cannot attack for a short period of time. 


7. Draco Impact:

This is a dash attack with a 1-second cooldown and 2116 damage! The user Pokemon flies into the air and crashes with an asteroid cluster, dealing damage within a massive area of effect.

The Unite Move gauge is depleted as the user travels further. While using this Unite Move, the user becomes immune to impediments such as hindrances or any other attacks.

Dragonite Counters

Dragonite is an extremely versatile Pokemon, with some of the best movesets in the game. However, it’s not a Pokemon without any counters. 

Pokemon Unite Synergy And Strongest Against

Sure, every Pokemon has its counters. However, every Pokemon in Pokemon Unite also has some synergies that can help elevate their playstyle! Here are the best Synergies for Dragonite!

  • Eldegoss
  • Blissey
  • Wigglytuff
  • Snorlax
  • Mr. Mime
  • Mamoswine.

Not to mention, there are 4 Pokemon that Dragonite will always absolutely destroy even at its weakest form! Here’s the list of 4 Pokemon that Dragonite is extremely strong against:

  • Ninetails
  • Decidueye
  • Cramorant
  • Gardevoir.


So, that’s all that you needed to know about Dragonite! It’s a wonderful new addition to Pokemon Unite, as it doesn’t only bring a brand new hyper-aggressive pick for players, but also a versatile all-rounder that can take care of itself while taking care of the competition!

So, if you’re still not playing Dragonite in Pokemon Unite, then you should really consider it now!

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