NEW: Can You Merge Guilds in Palworld?

Can You Merge Guilds in Palworld

Playing a survival game as a lone wolf is a fun experience. After all, we all want to take on the harshest challenges of the world all by yourselves – at least in a video game. But let’s be honest, it’s far more entertaining to survive as a guild, pooling your resources together to make a better society for everyone.

Guilds are an important feature of Palworld, as they allow you to experience the game in a new way. And the more players you can get on your side – the better your chances of living a good virtual life become.

One question that often comes up is, ‘Can you merge guilds in Palworld’ – since it’s very convenient to join a guild that’s already bigger than yours. And of course, combining your resources with other players is never a dull idea either.

So, is it possible to merge guilds in Palworld? And if yes, then how can you do that? Let’s find out.

Can you merge guilds in Palworld?

Let’s answer this question by making a distinction. Bases and guilds are different things.

So, the answer to the main question is – no. You cannot merge two existing guilds into a single, bigger one. Either of the two players will have to join the other person’s guild.

However, there is still something worth noting here: the merging of bases.

Can you merge bases in Palworld?

Yes, you can merge bases in Palworld by joining a guild. This means that when you and your friend create a guild, both resources will be combined, including bases. Other things like working pals become shared between you too.

This is the closest thing to merging guilds in Palworld, as it lets you share your resources and bases with the other player. But it means that only one person’s guild will remain as the other player will have to join them.

How to merge guilds in Palworld

How to merge bases in Palworld?

You can merge bases with another player by joining their guild. It then combines your resources with them, which includes things like your working Pals too. So, make sure you consider the decision before proceeding with a merger.

How to merge guilds in Palworld

You cannot merge guilds in Palworld, as explained above. You can only merge bases by joining a singular guild – which means that your own guild will be abandoned in the process.

Keep in mind that this can sometimes lead to a bug where the character who disbands the guild could become unusable. But it’s not something that every player experiences as their transitions have been smooth.

That’s everything that you need to know about merging guilds in Palworld. We hope that you found this guide useful, and while you’re still here, make sure to check out some of our other Palworld guides too.

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