No Man’s Sky Abyssal Treasure Guide (2023)

No Man's Sky Abyssal Treasure Guide

No Man’s Sky is one of the best sci-fi-themed survival games of our generation – and that is saying a lot considering its less-than-favorable original launch. Once the game received enough updates, it lived up to its promise of giving players a near-endless galaxy that is filled with unique planets and lots of alien life to discover.

One such update is called Expeditions, which added a lot of fun content to the game, which includes tasks related to underwater ruins too. A milestone in this update is called “The Glass Bead”.

And players who try to complete it are given the task of acquiring an “abyssal treasure”, which can be confusing and very time-consuming to track. Especially since much of the treasure that can be found within underwater ruins leads to “aquatic treasures”, which do not count as the horrific treasure that you need.

Fortunately, we’re here to the rescue! Just follow our guide for No Man’s Sky Abyssal Treasure and you’ll acquire the abyssal treasure in no time. Let’s get started!

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A quick summary of everything required

Before we get into the step-by-step guide, let’s quickly go over all the items that you need and what rewards you should have unlocked up to this point.

  • Hypnotic Eye (horrifying sample)
  • Boltcaster or Scatter Blaster (for obtaining the eye)
  • The Nautilon (and its plans)
  • Hydrothermal Fuel Cells for the Nautilon
  • Some nanites
  • 10 Salvage Data
  • Sonar Scanner (Nautilon Sonar)
  • Nautilon Chamber (and plans)
  • Oxygen upgrade (optional)
  • Salt
  • Crystal Sulfide
  • Metal Plating
  • Ferrite
  • Solar Mirror
  • Magnetized Ferrite
  • 2 Life Support Gels
  • Carbon
  • Cytiphosphate
  • Dreams of the Deep (mission started or ended)

How to get Abyssal Treasure in No Man’s Sky

Here’s the step-by-step guide to getting the abyssal treasure in No Man’s Sky gameplay.

Step 1 – Get the Hypnotic Eye

The very first thing to note is that you need Hypnotic Eyes in your inventory. You can either obtain one while doing the Derelict Freighter milestone, or you can snatch it from Abyssal Horrors while swimming.

Don’t get too close though, shoot them in the eye with something like a Scatter Blaster and collect their eye. Fortunately, the eye won’t disappear from your inventory as it’s not a timed item. It would be a good idea to keep them more than once since you’ll need to offer them.

You will also need Hydrothermal Fuel Cells for the Nautilon and you can get the blueprint for them from Manufacturing Facilities.

One last thing to note in the starting steps is that some players believe that either starting or ending the Dreams of the Deep mission contributes to your likelihood of completing this one. However, some players dispute this as well – so it’s impossible to know for sure.

Step 2 – Gear up at the Anomaly

Stack up on some Nanites and it helps to have close to 10 Salvage Data.

Go to the Anomaly and go to Perses for exocraft upgrades. Purchase the Sonar Scanner and then go to the Construction Module to get the Nautilon Chamber (provided that you already have the plans for the Nautilon). You’ll find it in the underwater category.

Lastly, it would be very helpful if you upgrade your exosuit’s oxygen at Selene’s station so that you can remain underwater for longer.

No Man's Sky Abyssal Treasure Guide

Step 3 – Visit a galaxy with water and build necessary things

Find a galaxy that has water. Once you’re there, find a planet that has big oceans and preferably it won’t have a toxic atmosphere.

Once you find a suitable galaxy, land on a beach, and build a Nautilon Chamber. You will need crystal sulfide, metal plating, and salt. All of these things are easy to find, so that’s not something to worry about. Once done, delete the Nautilon Chamber.

Your Nautilon will stay and you can reuse the materials to build another chamber later if required. Make sure to not get into your Nautilon and move around before you delete the Chamber, or else it would be very difficult to find it.

Once everything is done, install your Sonar and the Humboldt drive. You will need ferrite, a solar mirror, crystal sulfide, 2 life support gels, and magnetized ferrite. Craft some Hydrothermal fuel cells using salt, carbon, and cytophosphate too.

Step 4 – Find Ancient Ruins

Use the Nautilon Sonar to find Ancient Ruins. Get inside the Nautilon, open your quick menu, and then press the Sonar icon there. Scroll to the right and you’ll find Ancient Ruins.

You’ll most likely find them easily, but if you can’t, go to a different beach on the same planet and try again.

Once you find a ruin, go to it.

Step 5 – Talk to the Refracted Light

Once you find a good Ancient Ruin, you need to get out of your Nautilon to tag it in your analysis visor. Then get on your ship and fly to the island that is closest to it. Then jump out of your ship, summon the Nautilon, and go to the Ancient Ruin.

Once you’re inside, get out of your Nautilon and find a Refracted Light to talk to. You’ll get the option to either “Accept the Waves” or “Decline”. You have to accept the waves and go through the dialogue. One thing to keep in mind is that you might not always get this option, so try until it’s unlocked by going to different sub ruins.

Eventually, you’ll get the option to offer the Hypnotic Eye and it will give you the Abyssal Treasure. And that’s it! Your milestone will be completed and you will have the Abyssal Treasure.

However, the Refracted Light does not always give the Abyssal Treasure. More often than not, you will get a Trident Key. If this happens, you need to visit a different ruin and restart the entire process of talking to a Refracted Light inside.

No Man's Sky Abyssal Treasure Guide

According to player data, it takes approximately 8 to 13 ruins for the player to finally get the Abyssal Treasure. If you’re exceptionally lucky, you might get it in fewer tries too. But if you don’t, just keep redoing the process and you will get it.

One way or another, you’ll end up with the Abyssal Treasure – so, congratulations!

How to find a new ruin for the Abyssal Treasure

An important thing to talk about here is how you can find a new ruin for the Abyssal Treasure – in case you don’t get it in the first one that you find.

You will need to fly far away for a new ruin to be found, otherwise, you will keep finding the same one instead. You can drop a save beacon for identification, or you can just pick a specific direction and keep flying that way too until you feel like you’re far enough to search again.

You can keep trying to find new ruins on the same planet, but if you deleted your Nautilon Chamber earlier as I recommended and have the ingredients – you can go to a new planet altogether for this too.

Some people believe you have to try every ruin on the same planet, but that’s not true as people have searched for different ones. And in the last one, they found the treasure in only 2-3 tries.

How to find a new ruin for the Abyssal Treasure

What do you do with the Trident Key in No Man’s Sky?

Since you will be getting a bunch of Trident Keys in your quest for the Abyssal Treasure, it helps to know what it’s for.

You can use the Trident Key to open sealed chests in the ruins. You don’t have to use them right away and can keep them in your inventory until you get the offer to use the Hypnotic Eye.

How to find a new ruin for the Abyssal Treasure sealed sea chest

That’s it for our guide on how to get No Man’s Sky Abyssal Treasure! We hope that you found it useful and are already on your way to obtaining some. It’s a very time-consuming task, but it’s worth the effort if you’re willing to complete The Glass Bead milestone.

While you’re here, make sure to check out some of our other helpful No Man’s Sky guides too!

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