Is Sifu Coming to XBOX, Switch, Steam, Stadia?

Is Sifu Coming to XBOX, Switch, Steam, Stadia?

SIFU is an action beat ‘em up video game that is created by the developers of the critically acclaimed Absolver.

Though fans didn’t know what to expect at first, the game quickly became popular thanks to its fun gameplay, high difficulty, and roguelike elements that set it apart from every other game in the market.

Since the game is not exclusive to any single platform, the number one question that everyone has is if SIFU is coming to the game console that they own, such as Xbox, Switch, and Steam. And of course, even Google Stadia still gets new games such as Judgment in 2021.

So, what platforms is SIFU currently available on and is it coming to Xbox, Switch, and Steam? Let’s take a look at the official sources and answer that question!

What can you play SIFU on?

SIFU is currently available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The PC release is exclusively through the Epic Games Store, and the game cannot be purchased on Steam or the Microsoft Store.

Is SIFU coming to Xbox?

SIFU’s developers Sloclap have stated that they don’t have any plans for an Xbox port of the game at the time and are only focused on the PlayStation and PC versions of the game.

However, they did confirm that the exclusivity is timed and although we don’t know the exact window yet, we can assume it lasts from 6 months to a full year.

Is SIFU coming to Nintendo Switch?

It’s unlikely for SIFU to come to the Nintendo Switch because Sloclap’s previous game, Absolver, was only released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. They seem to avoid extra platforms where their game might not fit in very well and even SIFU is currently available on very limited devices.

It’s still possible that SIFU might come to the Nintendo Switch sometime in the future since the game has been very successful, but it will most likely take nearly 2 years in the smallest possible window. You can expect to see the game on Xbox and Steam first.

Is SIFU coming to Steam?

SIFU has not been confirmed for Steam yet, just like the Xbox release. However, it’s very likely that SIFU will be released on Steam within 6 to 12 months because as Sloclap confirmed officially, the game is only a timed-exclusive rather than one that will remain that way permanently.

Is SIFU coming to Google Stadia?

Is SIFU coming to Steam?

Although a few games were released on the Google Stadia last year, that was mainly due to contractual obligations. Google is no longer trying to keep the platform active and as a result, new games are not being optimized for it anymore.

Thus, SIFU is not going to have a Google Stadia release. It’s not being considered at all and even once the exclusivity period ends for the game, there is no reason for Google Stadia to receive the game.

And aside from everything else, the platform also falls out of Sloclap’s expertise just like the Nintendo Switch.

And that’s all that we know so far about SIFU’s timed-exclusivity and what platforms it will come to in the near future. If your platform is not covered here, don’t lose hope as the game might still find its way to it.

However, for now, SIFU is only playable on the PS4, PS5, and Epic Games Store on PC.

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