How to Use A Parachute In GTA 5

How to Use A Parachute In GTA 5

So you’ve seen the parachute option in GTA 5 and while it might seem tricky to navigate, it’s actually easier than you think. We’ve written this guide on how to use a Parachute with screenshots to guide you.

There are fewer ways to make a cooler entrance than by parachuting in from an exploding building and landing next to a waiting getaway vehicle to drive you off into the sunset.

Not every touchdown will be this immense, but having a parachute handy will make the difference between gliding to safety and becoming a big splat on the sidewalk.

How to Use A Parachute In GTA 5

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The Basics

Parachutes have their standard function as they do in the real world, with no “hidden” features. If you jump from a building or leap from an aircraft with one equipped, simply press A (Xbox) or X (PlayStation) to deploy it.

Use RB/R1 and LB/L1 to drift to the right and left respectively, or hold both together to “brake” in the air to slow your descent.

You can use the left analog stick (both consoles) to control your movement, and holding down will also slow your falling speed and holding forward will accelerate you towards the ground.

To detach your parachute and continue falling, press Y/Triangle.

Additional Info

You can also use one-handed weapons while parachuting. Hold LT/L2 to aim and RT/R2 to fire your chosen weapons, with X/Square to cycle through them. If you happen to be flying through the air on a bike of any kind, you can deploy a parachute (if you have one) to ditch your two-wheeled transport and take to the skies.

How to Use A Parachute In GTA 5

Enemies (and other players in GTA Online) can shoot at your parachute and effectively destroy it, quickly returning you to terminal velocity. You can however buy a reserve parachute from Ammu-nation that can be deployed and used if your first fails or gets riddled with bullet holes.

In addition to a reserve ‘chute, you can purchase different parachute colours and designs as well as coloured smoke trails from Ammu-nation in both single player and online. These vary in price and are only cosmetic additions, but once bought can be switched to at the gun shop at will.

How to Use A Parachute In GTA 5

In the single player, after the player has completed the mission “Minor Turbulence”, jumping into any aircraft will automatically grant a parachute.

How to Use A Parachute In GTA 5

Parachute Activities

In the world of Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, the activity of Parachute Jumps will become available to all three criminals after completing the Strangers and Freaks mission “Risk Assessment” from Dom Beasley, and are required for 100% completion.

How to Use A Parachute In GTA 5

In GTA Online, Parachuting can be done as a PvP mode on different maps (some of which require a specific rank to become available) where you fly through checkpoints to the landing zone. This activity will increase your online character’s flying skill.

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