Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cheats For Switch (2023)

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cheats For Switch

Monster Hunter Stories 2 is an RPG that serves as a spin-off to the Monster Hunter franchise and features lots of different outfits, items, and monsters to slay in turn-based combat.

There’s a lot to do in the game that you can participate in daily and after hours of gameplay, you’ll obtain many in-game items. However, sometimes you want to try out cheats to get valuable in-game items faster.

And sometimes, cheats can even unlock items that are normally not obtainable!

Although this game does not have conventional cheats, it does have a few ways in which you can obtain bonuses without putting in the work for them. So, here are all the top Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cheats for Nintendo Switch!

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Cheats for Switch Version

There are several cheats that you can use to quickly obtain unique in-game rewards for Monster Hunter Stories 2 for the Nintendo Switch.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Amiibo Bonuses

The very first cheat for Monster Hunter Stories 2 is the fact that you can use Amiibo sets that let you unlock a bunch of in-game content. The three Amiibo are for Tsukino, Ena, and Razewing Rathalos. They’re sold separately and unlock a different special layered armor set for each character. 

Every first time you scan those Amiibo, there is a special bonus that gives you a unique item. If you scan the same Amiibo again, it won’t give you the items again.

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If you own the Amiibo released for the first Monster Hunter Stories, it has been reported that they can be scanned in Monster Hunter Stories 2 for minor bonuses too.

You can also scan Monster Hunter Rise Amiibo in the game, which will give you a sticker pack themed after the game.

And lastly, you can scan this Amiibo once per day to play “Tsukino’s Lunar Luck” which lets you win several rewards. And you can scan up to 10 Amiibos per day to get extra turns as well.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Save File Bonuses

You can obtain extra bonuses in Monster Hunter Stories 2 by using a Monster Hunter Rise save file.

It will give a special Layered Armor for the protagonist of the game, Kamura Garb.

Monster Hunter Stories 2 Update Bonuses

Make sure to keep your game updated, because one of the updates for Monster Hunter Stories 2 added the Monster Palamute to the game. And that’s just one of the interesting additions to the game made for free, so keep updating your game every time a Title Update is announced.

If you pre-ordered the game or purchased the Deluxe edition of Monster Hunter Stories 2, make sure to keep an eye on what bonuses you’ll get too. Some of them are only unlocked after you progress in the game, so keep an eye out for anything that you might miss otherwise. 

And even if you did not get the Deluxe edition physically or through a pre-order, you can still purchase the DlC that was initially released for it.

That’s it for the top Monster Hunter Stories 2 cheats for the Nintendo Switch! Since many of these bonuses are meant for Amiibo, you cannot find them on PC in the same way.

However, some of the content can still be accessed in other ways, such as the ability to visit “Tsukino’s Lunar Luck” on a PC once per day without the need to scan any Amiibo.

We hope this guide helped you out, and we strongly advise you to avoid using any shady files on the internet that might claim to be cheats for the game.

While you’re still here, do make sure to check out many of our other helpful gaming guides!

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