How to Pick Up Guns In CS:GO

How to Pick Up Guns In CS:GO 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive must top that list whenever you think of the greatest multiplayer shooter titles. CS:GO is one of those few games that you can pick up and play anytime without boredom.

The highly satisfying squad play and the engaging gameplay make it even harder to not be playing this game. 

The weapons in the game are an absolute blast to use. You can have the most reliable arsenal possible with the best guns. The weapons are not created equally, meaning a variety of different weapons will be accessible to you during the game.

It’s pretty common to be overwhelmed by the effectiveness of guns when you are new to the world of CS:GO.

Each game mode is to be played with different tactics and different guns. What is the best place to start as a newbie? How to get your matchmaking rank? Many such things are to be considered before you dive in and figure out what works best for you.

First things first, you must know your way around the guns. Let’s start with the basics:

How to Pick Up Guns

You will find 34 guns in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, divided into four categories of Pistols, SMGs, Rifles, and Heavy Weapons. You will find that CS:GO’s weapon mechanics are second to none.

Each of these weapons has its own unique characteristics as well as costs. Follow the steps given below to effectively pick up the weapon of your choice:

Step 1

To pick up any gun, you come across, press “G” on your keyboard. If you are already carrying a gun, it will be dropped and replaced with a new gun. 

Step 2

If you are not carrying any gun and wish to get your hands on one, simply walk over any kind of gun. Your character will automatically be equipped with the laid weapon. 

You can carry a maximum of two guns. One will be your primary weapon, and the other will be your secondary weapon. 

If you already carry two guns and wish to replace one with another weapon, press “E” on your keyboard. Make sure you are looking towards the weapon to be picked. 

We recommend you to check out the weapon stats, such as costs, damage, fire rate, and much more.

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