Dark Souls 3: Best Faith Build Weapons (2023)

Best Faith Build Weapons - Morne’s Great Hammer

Faith build weapons are huge in Dark souls 3 and In this guide, we’ll uncover the best options you can get to level up your spiritual skills and cast amazing spells to perform dark miracles, defenses and improve your gameplay.

Dark Souls 3 is a full-fledged role-playing video game and it carries on the tradition of offering many different types of character builds so that every player can find something that suits their playstyle.

The builds offer variations such as those that are catered towards a knighthood and focus on raw strength, and those that are meant for mages who wish to cast spells and control magic.

One of these options includes the Faith build, which focuses on spiritual-based skills. If you want to cast spells and use skills that are related to Miracles and Pyromancies – then the Faith build is what you need.

It also improves the effectiveness of Dark Defense usage too, so that’s an added plus that comes in handy.

Another Dark Souls 3 build that improves the effectiveness of Dark Miracles and Pyromancy is Intelligence, which we have launched a separate guide for. Head over to the best Intelligence weapons in Dark Souls 3 and make sure to check it out.

Not all weapons are built equal and some of them work better with some builds and some of them work worse.

So, you have to choose your weapons carefully and make sure that they work great with your build – but it can be very time-consuming to figure these things out for yourself.

To help save your time, we’ve created a thorough guide of the best Dark souls 3 Faith build weapons that you can use in 2022!

Best Faith Build Weapons: Dark Souls 3

It should be noted that a total of 45 Faith is needed to be able to cast every Miracle in the game. The requirement for the other spells varies based on what they are and how effective they are. With these important details out of the way, let’s jump right into the guide!

1. Crucifix of The Mad King

Crucifix of The Mad King

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The Crucifix of The Mad King is not an option that you can use on your first playthrough of the game since it’s only obtained at the end of The Ringed City DLC – which is not even the end of the base game.

However, if you’re willing to wait for it, it’s one of the most unique weapons in the game. It deals with Dark Damage without needing anything to be infused and is essentially a powerhouse.

At +5, it has 216 physical damage and 130 Dark Damage – which is further enhanced by the parameter bonus that it provides to Faith builds. It’s a great weapon through and through and although it cannot be infused, it can still be buffed.

2. Saint Bident

Saint’s Biden is a great spear that is an excellent long-ranged option for the Faith build in Dark Souls 3.

Its base damage is pretty decent but since it can be infused and buffed, the damage potential goes up pretty high. What makes it even better is that it’s one of the weapons that were improved in later patches, reaching C-scaling in Faith whereas it used to be D.

When paired with the Lightning Fusion, at 60 Faith and the basic Strength and Dexterity requirements – its attack rating is 504.

3. Lothric Knight Greatsword

Best Dark Souls 3 Dexterity Weapons red lothric knight sword

Lothric Knight Greatsword is one of the most popular weapons for Faith builds and that’s for a very good reason.

It comes with natural Lightning Damage but you can buff and infuse it with other elements too. What we recommend is pairing this sword with the Lightning Blade, which makes its damage potential insanely high.

It’s a very versatile weapon and can be paired with elements, so there’s almost no loadout that you could have that won’t work well with the Lothric Knight Greatsword.

4. Dragonslayer Greataxe

Dragonslayer Greataxe

If you want to be overpowered, the Dragonslayer Greataxe has you covered. Its weapon art is great and is pretty good for crowd control.

It’s a two-handed weapon, but the fact that it is one is generously rewarded by the fact that at a +5 upgrade and 66 strength, you get a total of 729 damage, which is some of the highest potentials any weapon has in the game.

On top of that, it even has an amazing 194 Lightning Damage and gets a lot of critical hits at +5 and 60 Faith points.

5. Wolnir’s Holy Sword

Wolnir’s Holy Sword cannot be infused or buffed, but it comes with natural Faith scaling and is pretty good at what it does.

It has an extended range when used in one hand, which is comparable to the Wolf Knight Greatsword. Although that advantage is lost when it’s used in two hands, the 276 physical damage that it has at +5 upgrades is worth the loss.

Another thing that it’s a bit mediocre in is the weapon art, but having great reach, the natural faith scaling, and great damage potential makes up for it.

6. Sunlight Straight Sword

If you’re looking for a bit of a simple option that’s still very good to use, the Sunlight Straight Sword is what you need. It has great damage-per-second, is long-range, and has a higher rate of critical attacks than other Faith build weapons.

Unlike some of the other weapons on the list, the Sunlight Straight Sword has a great weapon art that is similar to the Sacred Oath, which is very effective to have especially in complicated situations.

7. Morne’s Great Hammer

Morne’s Great Hammer is easily one of the best Faith build weapons due to its high damage potential, high Poise health (32.9), and great weapon art.

Although it cannot be buffed or infused, at +5 with a combination of 50 Strength and 40 Faith – it has a whopping attack rating of 631.

It’s not that good with elemental options, but it’s a great Faith weapon if you want to be a brute.

8. Great Corvian Scythe

The Great Corvian Scythe is a very interesting weapon. It can be infused and buffed and is reinforced by Titanite.

Its design allows it to have some of the longest range of attacks in the game and has innate shield piercing, which is 40% on all attacks and 80% if you use the weapon art.

On the other hand, each strike causes the Bleed effect on the player. That damage is nothing notable or to be worried about, but since it also stacks up with the enemy bleeds, it’s not a weapon anyone can use due to the risks that come with it.

And that wraps up our guide for the best Dark Souls 3 Faith build weapons.

We hope that you found the weapons that are most useful for you and we’re here to answer any questions that you have. While you’re around, make sure to check out several of our other helpful Dark Souls guides that we are sure will help you out.

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