Can You Get Married In Harvestella?

Can You Get Married In Harvestella?

Harvestella is what you get when you decide to combine the action of Final Fantasy with the farming sim elements of Rune Factory. Though the game has only been out for a few days, gamers are already addicted to its gameplay loop and are having a blast with this combination of genres.

Naturally, an RPG with life simulation as a subgenre tends to have the ability to marry characters. After all, our heroes deserve to retire in peace with a nice little family after saving the world. And when it comes to Harvestella – fans want nothing less!

So, can you get married in Harvestella? Can you live with other characters in the same house in Harvestella? And does the game let you have a family? Let’s answer these questions right away!

Can you get married in Harvestella

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Can you get married in Harvestella?

Yes, you can get married in Harvestella. But the answer to this question is also technically no.

There is no option to “marry” characters in Harvestella as per the exact word. However, you can become life partners with other characters after building up romantic intimacy with them. And there are a total of 8 characters who you can get to live with. 

So, even though becoming romantic partners is ambiguous and does not necessarily mean marriage – you can still see it that way as the characters will move in with you. The lack of labels is not a problem because we all have our own headcanon in RPG games anyway – so you can see this partnership as a marriage rather than just a live-in relationship.

Some characters do imply marriage strongly themselves too, such as Shrika’s “Ceremony of Vows”. And since your character hands them over a ring, it’s implied they become your fiancé rather than just a girlfriend or boyfriend.

What characters can you marry in Harvestella?

You can marry 8 different characters in Harvestella based on your intimacy with them:

  • Asyl
  • Cres
  • Istina
  • Aria
  • Emo
  • Shrika
  • Heine
  • Brakka

How to get married in Harvestella?

The method to marry characters in Harvestella is simple: you have to build up your intimacy until it has been maxed out. You need to complete the main story for that to happen because then you would have helped them all in their individual side stories.

Once your intimacy is maxed out and you’ve completed their story – a Partnership option will become available to the player.

Then, you can marry that person and they will become your life partner. They will move in with the player and then live with them for the rest of their life. And your character will also hand them a Promise Ring, which at the very least implies an engagement between you and the NPC.

This may sound like a task that requires a lot of time, but Harvestella has a lot of gameplay value even after the main story has been completed. So, you can find your true love and enjoy post-game content with them.

How to get married in Harvestella

If the game is successful in terms of sales, we might get more romance options in the future through DLC or free updates. And they might even add an official option to “marry” or the ability to start a family.

So, keep your eyes open for any potential updates.

We hope that you found this guide helpful and are already on your way to marrying your favorite character in Harvestella. If you wish to know whether you can romance someone in the game or not – you can head over to our individual guide for that too: Does Harvestella Have Romance?

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