Bitlife: How to Become A Billionaire

How to Become A Billionaire In Bitlife

Everyone dreams of becoming a Billionaire in real life, but the chances aren’t more than a grain of salt.

Becoming a famous personality is the first step toward becoming a billionaire; therefore, you should work hard to build up your image and become popular among others.

Besides, you short figure out a few things that help you earn more money than others like an actor can make lots of money; similarly, you can become a business, but it could be a bit tricky; therefore we’ve made this guide to discuss almost all possible ways and help you become a billionaire in this text-based video game, BitLife

In this guide, we will discuss the most straightforward way to leave you like a billionaire if you follow all steps correctly.

Many other methods exist, but they won’t help you earn a lot of money however they can help you become a millionaire, at least. 

Different Ways to Become a Billionaire in BitLife

As I mentioned above, different ways are available that you can use to become a billionaire, but the most perfect and suitable method is to become an actor. Besides, the possible ways are mentioned below: 

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Gambling may help you become a billionaire overnight, whereas the consequences could be harsh as well. Therefore, we won’t suggest you join the casino and try your luck in BitLife, as the chances of losing your money are high. 

Marrying a Wealthy Person

It’s not a cup of cake that anyone can enjoy easily. Finding the perfect choice is difficult, and the chances getting marrying a rich person is meager.

To marry a rich person, you should keep your looks high and follow the steps given below: 

  • Maintain Your Health and Appearance Stats.
  • Go to Gym Daily. 
  • Install and start using Dating App to find your date, and don’t forget to choose the premium membership of the dating app to find the best results. 
  • We suggest you keep your criteria of age high, so the chances of finding billionaires increase. 
  • Start a relationship with the person you find and offer them a marriage proposal. 
  • Wait until the person dies and get inherits all of the money. 
  • This way, you can be a billionaire in BitLife. 

Become an Actor

Actors have more opportunities to earn money in more than one way; therefore, the preferable way to become a billionaire is “Actor.” To become an actor, you have to keep your looks high, go to the gym, and open your social media accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or Instagram.

Keep posting content regularly to gain followers and join a gym to maintain your body.

Become a Voiceover Actor

After completing graduation, search for a “Voiceover Actor” job and do your best by learning new things to become an Actor.

Soon, you will receive the lead role once you complete the requirements correctly and do you perfectly.

After becoming a lead actor, your salary would be around 4 Million a year. Increase your popularity using social media accounts, do commercials and become a brand ambassador to earn more money. 

Monetize Your Channels

Monetize your social handles and earn for posting paid content.

Besides, you can participate in photo shoots and start making money from movies. Upon getting lots of followers, don’t forget to get a verified tick on your profile, as it helps you grow your channel fast. 

Buy Properties

After collecting lots of cash, you should start purchasing expansive properties in luxurious areas and invest your money in real estate. Besides, you should maintain your health until you achieve the milestone of a Billion.

Here are a few goals that you must fulfill:

  • Go to the gym at least once a year.
  • Do Commercials.
  • Promote Products on Your Social Handles.
  • Make Movies and Earn Profit.
  • Work Hard and keep your Looks state above 90%. 

Soon, you will cross the target of getting a billion.

Many players have become a billionaire at the age of 13. That’s everything you should know before starting.

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