BitLife: How to Assault Best Friend (Complete Guide)

BitLife: How to Assault Best Friend

BitLife is a text-based simulator that offers a lot of fun and sometimes, dark surprises. If you’re a fan of the hit teen series Euphoria, you can relive the characters’ lives in BitLife through the Euphoria Challenge.

This challenge dares you to do what a Euphoria character would do – get high at parties, battle drug addiction, hook up with lots of people, and start drama with your circle of friends.

Whether you want to play as Rue, Jules, Kat, Cassie, or Maddie, this BitLife challenge will make sure you’re not missing out on anything.

bitlife euphoria challenge

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Just like the latest season’s finale, the Euphoria BitLife Challenge ends with a bang: you assault your best friend. This is reminiscent of the chaotic fight scene during the final act of Lexi’s play, which quickly became an internet meme.

We’re here to teach you how you can also brawl with your BitLife BFF so you can unleash your inner Maddie. 

Let’s get started.

How to Get a Best Friend in BitLife

bitlife best friends challenge

To assault your best friend, you’re going to need a best friend. Start by having a conversation with someone and spending a lot of time with them. The goal here is to max out your relationship bar so you can finally ask them to be your Best Friend.

In other cases, they might ask you to be their Best Friend first. You can speed up this process by complimenting them and giving them gifts until your relationship reaches 90-100%.

Because this challenge only gives you four days to accomplish every task, we suggest that you start making multiple friends so you have a lot of options in case things don’t go as planned.

How to Assault Best Friend

Here comes the hard part. Now that you have a best friend, the next thing you’d normally do is maintain your friendship by making sure they’re happy.

But for this challenge, that isn’t necessary as you have to do the exact opposite. If you’ve played BitLife for quite a while, then you know that it’s hard to start physical fights with anyone besides your siblings.

However, it is possible. You just have to keep having conversations and wait until you get into a disagreement with them. This takes players a lot of tries, so you’ll need to have a lot of patience.

When you do have a disagreement, you’ll be given four options: 

  • Attack
  • Insult
  • Apologize
  • Agree to Disagree.

Choose the “Attack” option and they’ll make you choose your move and what part of their body you’re going to hit. Be careful, if you end up killing your best friend, you’ll end up in jail.

They can also fight back and end up killing you, so try to pick non-lethal attacks on the safer areas of the body. The best-case scenario for this is if you miss them because even if you do, the task is marked as complete. 


And that is how you assault your best friend in BitLife: Life Simulator. While we do not recommend doing it in real life, we hope that this guide helped you do so in the game.

Even though the Euphoria challenge has expired, there might be another challenge that asks you to assault your best friend.  So, when that comes up, you can always come back here!

BitLife offers new challenges every week for players to participate in around the world such as becoming a president, turning into a vampire, and many more. For everything else related to BitLife: Life Simulator, check out the rest of our guides, and stay tuned for more!

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