How to Escape Prison in Bitlife: Jail Maps Updated (2023)

How to Escape Prison in Bitlife

Escaping Prison in Bitlife isn’t an easy task as it requires you to find the perfect path and reach the exit point without being detected.

There are different prisons available to overcome, but some maximum-security prisons are difficult to beat; therefore, you should read Escape Prison Guide to reach the exit point and escape quickly.

Before escaping prison, it’s compulsory to go into jail, but how would be a great question? Bitlife: Life Simulator is a text-based video game that allows you to live your dreams and do whatever you can’t perform in the real world.

In short, it won’t be wrong if we say that you have a second chance to make money and do whatever you wish in the virtual world.

The game doesn’t put any limitations; however, it lacks visuals. Furthermore, there’s another exciting thing known as Ribbons. Usually, ribbons are awarded to those who fulfill the requirement in their lives.

become a president in bitlife

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Dozens of ribbons are there, and each one requires to complete the objectives, and it will be displayed on the grave of your character that represents how the person spent the whole life. Whether you love to become a singer, famous YouTuber, or see how a prisoner spends their life in jail, Bitlife has all possible options for you. 

How to Escape from Prison – Bitlife Guide

If you have decided to choose the wrong path and go wild with your skills of pocket-picking, robbing banks, and looting pedestrians, then going jail isn’t a big deal.

You will be sent to prison once you get caught red-handed by cops, and there are different types of maps available; each features a different pathway to reach the exit point.

Learn about Prison

Usually, prisons are grid-based maps wherein the game features two characters, such as the prison and the cop.

You are only allowed to control the prisoner having the aim of leaving the map securely without being caught, while the cop will try his best never to let you go off the room.

The game implies the turn-based system on the map, which means both characters can’t move together. They move turn by turn; in short, the game gives you the first turn, and after that, you will see the cop move accordingly. 

Different types of regular prisoners are also featured with minimum to max security in bitlife; however, jail security is directly proportional to your crime. Furthermore, no one loves to live in jails; therefore, people are out to find different ways to Escape from Prison in Bitlife

Different Types of Maps

Prison Maps in Bitlife are similar to Checkboard, and there’s one security guard who will make two moves against your one action.

The security guard won’t move toward the wall as it is designed to catch you at any cost. Therefore, we suggest you start moving horizontally first to see the guard’s response. Besides, more years will be added to your sentence upon getting caught during the escape.

So, you should be careful and plan your every move perfectly. 

Block Security Guard to Escape

Blocking the security guard may help you escape the prison quickly. You should be careful and don’t rush when you stop the security guard, as it could get free if you start moving in the opposite direction.

During the gameplay, you will discover lots of three-sided boxes in the Bitlife where you can trap the security guard easily and start moving toward the escape to get free. 

After learning about three-sided boxes, you should know how many types of prisons are available and how to escape each successfully. 

Type of Prisons and their Solutions

As mentioned above, there are only two types of prions available, such as Minimum Security and Maximum Security.

Although you can escape the prison of minimum security easily, the game will keep you engaged with maximum protection; therefore, you should improve your skills and learn more about the jails in minimum security; meanwhile, utilize whatever you have learned from your experience to overcome prisons of max security. 

How to Escape 3×4 Prison Map

How to Escape 3×5 Prison Map

How to Escape 4×4 Prison Map

How to Escape 4×4 Prison Map 2

How to Escape 4×4 Prison Map 3

How to Escape 5×4 Prison Map

How to Escape 5×5 Prison Map

How to Escape 5×6 Prison Map

How to Escape 5×7 Prison Map

How to Escape 5×7 Prison Map 2

How to Escape 6×5 Prison Map

How to Escape 6×6 Prison Map

How to Escape 6×6 Prison Map 2

How to Escape 8×8 Prison Map 

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