How to Bind Deathcry In CS:GO

How to Bind Deathcry In CS:GO

Have you ever felt like giving out a deathcry in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Let me tell you, you are not the only one to wish so and yes, by using a few console commands you will be able to create a deathcry for yourself.

A custom bind can be created with audio clips or text, however, you choose. 

Playing CS:GO alone is so thrilling, yet players somehow find a way to turn the heat up. Using custom binds at the right moment is just as good as getting the perfect kill. Let’s show your opponents how excited you are to be playing the game

Let’s get started with creating your own custom binds and setting up hockey for deathcry in CS:GO.

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How to set up a bind

It is pretty easy to set up a hotkey for a bind. You just need to type a command in the console and it’s done. First open up your CS:GO console, then type the following command to create a new bind:

  • bind p “playerradio DeathCry *moans*”

This command will create a bind. The letter p in the command is bound to the action “playerradio” which is supposed to play the DeathCry sound file and a text phrase *moans* will be displayed in the text chat. 

The entire command is customizable, for example, you could have entered any key on your keyboard instead of P.

Many users prefer using Q as it’s easier to reach. The DeathCry audio clip can also be substituted for other sound files. Take note that not every sound file works with the player radio command. You can choose any text phrase of your liking to be displayed in the text chat along with the sound file.  

Now you can use this method to create any custom bind you want. You are now able to do much more than just moan in CS:GO.

The playerradio command can be used with several other audio clips, we’ll list a few popular audios among them :

  • FriendlyFire
  • LastManStanding
  • KilledMyEnemy
  • KilledFriend
  • Help
  • WonRoundQuickly
  • ScaredEmote.

To create the LastManStanding bind you need to enter the following command:

  • bind m “playerradio LastManStanding Victory!”

Once the command is executed, pressing the M key will cause your character to speak a voice line along with a “Victory!” text in the chatbox. 

We hope you have fun creating your custom binds! Make sure you don’t use it in the wrong way, otherwise you will be reported for communication abuse leading to a ban. Discretion is advised.

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