CS:GO Danger Zone Ranks (The Complete Guide)

CS:GO Danger Zone Ranks

Valve first released Danger Zone back in December 2018 as a battle royale game mode for CS:GO. Unlike all the other game modes in CS:GO, danger zones feature a whole new set of objectives, weapons, strategies, gameplay, and a different map pool.

The danger zone mode lets 18 players enter the arena, and you have to kill all the other players to become the last man standing and emerge victoriously.

At first, the danger zone was a game mode like others, but Valve decided to release an exclusive danger zone skill group after the game’s original release.

The ranking system of the danger zone is completely different from wingman and the competitive ranking system of CSGO. Even the names and insignias of ranks are completely different, and the same thing goes for the ranking chart. 

The danger zone is quiet among the gaming community as it features fewer players giving all the participants a chance to make better decisions instead of playing hastily. This article features everything that you need to know about the danger zone ranks, along with tips to climb up the ladder. 

What Are the Danger Zone Ranks In CS:GO?

Danger zone comes up with fifteen ranks, and your rank won’t increase, unlike other modes where it increases based on how many matches you win and your kills in each match.

Below are all the danger zone ranks, and you start at the Rat 1 rank. The best ranks of the danger zone start after the timber wolf and till the howling alpha when you top the leaderboard. 

  • Rat 1
  • Rat 2
  • Hare 1
  • Hare 2
  • Scout 1
  • Scout 2
  • Scout Elite
  • Fox 1
  • Fox 2
  • Fox 3
  • Fox Elite
  • Timber Wolf
  • Ember Wolf
  • Wildfire Wolf
  • Howling Alpha.

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How Danger Zone Ranks Works In CS:GO

The previous wingman and competitive ranking system of CSGO judge each player’s overall performance and place them at the relevant rank.

The game uses the rank of each player for matchmaking, and you will play with players who have equal rank to encourage fair play. With this system, everyone has a chance to show their true skills to their opponents and progress through the ranking system.  

Fortunately, the ranking system of danger zone mode doesn’t work like other CSGO modes. According to their ranks, there is no official matchmaking of players in the danger zone. You can land on the battlefield with a Howling Alpha or the Rat 1; it’s your luck.  

Although the matchmaking happens in the danger zone, it works to add maximum players to each squad for equal squad size. If you are a lone wolf in the danger zone, don’t worry, as you have the option to go solo, but the danger zone also features duo and trio modes for co-op. 

It doesn’t matter whether you win the match or not, as your rank won’t be affected by it.

There are no exact details about the danger zone ranking, and the matchmaking system works as developers have kept it a secret but don’t worry as everything is fair in CSGO. 

How Can You Rank Up in Danger Zone?

Your ratio of how many matches you have won and how many have you lost doesn’t decide your rank in the danger zone, so the game ranks you based on other stats.

The most obvious guess by pro players is that the game keeps an eye on your kill and death ratio to rank you up. There is no other way to learn about the ranking system of the danger zone as everything is a secret. 

As the popularity of battle royale games has gone up in recent years, players have developed strategies to win matches. One of the best strategies is to stay hidden while other players kill each other and get out of your hiding when only one or two players are alive to kill and win the game. 

Keep Focus on Your Aggressinvess

According to the rule book, the game community discourages this strategy because it takes all the fun out of the battle royale games, but there is nothing wrong with it. There is another reason why you shouldn’t go for this strategy.

Surely you will win matches, but your gameplay won’t improve as you don’t engage in full-fledged battle.  

To increase your rank, focus on increasing your aggressiveness and engage with the most player in each match. It doesn’t matter that you get killed in a match if you die fighting instead of sitting in a corner like a duck waiting for your death.

Experiment with all the available guns and save load-outs for all the situations to ensure your win. 

Sometimes aggressiveness also comes with a price tag, so judge every fight and avoid fights where you know you can’t win and postpone the duel to another day. Check each room and all the hidden corners and stay aware of your surroundings as the enemy can be hiding at any tiny spot and finish your story with one bullet. 

Learn & Complete Special Missions

Check the tablet from time to time and change your formation using the tablet with a single click. You can also watch your enemies and gain strategic information to change your strategy according to the situation.

To gain additional rewards in the danger zone, you need to complete some special missions. 

These missions are available from time to time, and the game doesn’t require you to complete them to ensure your victory, but some extra rewards aren’t bad if you have got time.

Choose your loadout according to your gameplay instead of what works best for your teammates. 

  • Don’t hurry in ranking up in the danger zone, and take your time to improve while enjoying the true essence of battle royale mode in CS:GO
  • Use danger zone native equipment to your benefit and get an edge over your enemies. Achieving the highest rank in the danger zone is not a piece of cake, and you will see a handful of players reaching the top spot, so don’t worry if you are not in the crazy 1%. 

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