What Is JP In GTA 5? (How Does It Work?)

what is JP in GTA 5?

After finishing an intense stunt race or completing one of the many heist missions in GTA 5, you’ll see a few statistics be increased on the screen.

First will be your cash reward, the next will be your Rockstar Points or RP which increase your online rank which in turn allows you to unlock more and more content like weapons and vehicle upgrades, and finally, there are Job Points (JP) which at first glance don’t reveal their function. We’ll clear that up for you.

What are Job Points?

Job Points are awarded after every completed job, whether that’s Heist set-ups, Contact Missions, or Stunt Races.

Their biggest purpose is when playing Jobs in a playlist, with the player with the most Job Points at the end of the playlist being declared the winner.

They also act as a way of tie-breaking any voting deadlocks. If for instance two players picked Job A and two players picked Job B, the team with the highest total sum of Job Points will get to play their selected Job.

How are Job Points Awarded?

In any form of Race or Deathmatch game, different Job Points are awarded based on the position ranking, with 1st place receiving 15 JP, 2nd getting 12, 3rd getting 10, 4th will get 8, 5th receives 7, etc. In Deathmatch games, the winning team’s MVP will get 16 JP.

When completing a Mission, all players will receive 15 JP. Anyone that completes the main task of a mission like taking out a target or delivering a vehicle will receive one additional JP (16).

You can check the number of Job Points for yourself and everyone else in your lobby by pressing Down on the D-Pad to see all the players with their Rockstar Rank and Job Points displayed next to their name.

what is JP in GTA 5?

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Leaving GTA Online or switching sessions will reset your JP to 0, so just bear this in mind.

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