Warframe Crossplay, Mobile Port Coming (UPDATES)

warframe cross play confirmed

It’s not easy for an online game to remain relevant for nearly a decade, but Warframe has managed to retain a growing player base throughout the years thanks to its creative gameplay, fun multiplayer, and regular updates.

Since Warframe is available on every modern platform, one of the things people asked for the most has been crossplay.

And finally, Digital Extremes has answered in one of its recent TennoCon events.

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Warframe Crossplay Confirmed

According to the developers, Warframe’s crossplay has been internally tested for over a year and it will soon be available for community testing sometime this year. This was initially announced back in 2021 too, but there was no news for it again until now.

Warframe’s crossplay is expected to be between all available platforms, such as PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PC, and Nintendo Switch! Any exceptions have not been revealed yet, but we’ll be updated with more news soon.

Watfame Cross-Save Coming

Another important thing to note here is that they have also announced that Warframe will soon have Cross Save functions too. Cross-Save, also known as cross-progression, essentially allows players to have shared progress across multiple platforms.

So, if you leveled up in Warframe on a PlayStation 4 – you will be able to continue off of that progress on an Xbox One.

Warframe Mobile Port

Lastly, there’s a surprise announcement too that the Mobile version of Warframe is in development. It’s not known at the moment whether that will be a port of the main game or a standalone version.

But fans hope that it’s a port of the original game so that they can take it on the go with them wherever they go.

More Updates Coming Soon

We’re expecting more details on the crossplay and Cross-Save features of the game very soon. And we’re also not aware at the moment whether the Mobile version of Warframe will have crossplay or not!

So, let’s keep our fingers crossed and our hopes up – crossplay is finally coming to Warframe very soon and we couldn’t be more excited to test this feature out!

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