SoulCalibur 6 Reveals Hwang as the Final Season Pass 2 DLC Fighter

Namco has revealed the last DLC fighter to be added into the second Season Pass of SoulCalibur VI is none other than the long-gone Hwang.

For long-time fans of the series, it’s surely a pleasant surprise to see the character return since he was only a part of Soul Edge, SoulCalibur, and SoulCalibur III – with the third game only having him as a skin rather than an actual character with a unique move-set.

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As expected, his animations and move-set seem to be reworked and have a lot of new flashy things, but the essence of his original gameplay is captured perfectly and truly feels like a return of the good old Hwang.

The trailer originally shows him with his face hidden and refers to him with the nickname of the ‘Secret Royal Blademaster’ and eventually reveals him as Hwang by the end of it, complete with his weapon’s name which is ‘Dark Thunder’, and his Fighting Style which is called ‘Hwang Style Longsword & Six Heavenly Arts’.

Alongside Hwang will be a completely new character creation set, a new stage called Motien Pass-Ruins stage, a classic costume for Seong Mi-na, and two new story chapters.

While the new character creation set is paid, the new stage, story chapters and the costume parts are entirely free and will be available as updates for everyone.

What makes the new Character Creation Set F special though is that it includes many different items that can help you create Tekken skins with your characters, so fans of the sister-series will be glad to have this addition to their customization options.

While no one was expecting to see Hwang back after so many years, it’s a surprise that the majority of the game’s player-base is receiving very well.

The game has a rebooted storyline and a ‘back to basics’ approach to its gameplay and presentation since the last game was not as successful, so it makes sense why they would add a core character from the original series back too.

It should, however, be kept in mind that Hwang is the final DLC fighter for ‘Season Pass 2’, not for the game as a whole. It is unknown for how long they will continue to support the game and it might not be for as long as Tekken is being supported, since the latter is particularly successful – but it may still live long enough to at least see a Season Pass 3.

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