All Robin Suits in Gotham Knights, Ranked (2024)

All Robin Suits in Gotham Knights, Ranked

It’s not a Gotham Knights game without Robin, aka Timothy “Tim” Drake, Batman’s sidekick and biggest believer. Although he took over Dick Grayson’s role as Robin and is not the first to own the alias, he’s still an essential addition to the family.

Being a master of deductive reasoning and stealth, Robin is arguably the best detective out of the five Robins. Out of all the characters, Robin has the simplest wardrobe. Though, that doesn’t mean none of them are interesting.

There are currently 14 suit styles you can unlock in Gotham Knights, many of which can be found by completing missions, while others are looted in hidden areas and are received as a bonus reward from the pre-order and deluxe version of the game. 

Best Gotham Knights Robin Transmogs

Here, we look closely at every suit Robin has in Gotham Knights, ranking them from worst to best.

14. Talon


The Talon is the tackiest-looking suit in Gotham Knights, especially on Robin. It’s a Metal suit but with more owl-inspired elements.

The issue with this suit is that the silhouette looks eerily similar to the outfit of Talon enemies in the game, which seems like the designers were too lazy to design a unique outfit for Robin, especially when you look at the ones other characters have. 

13. Knight Ops

Knight Ops

It’s a good suit that doesn’t feel too flashy and comes with a hooded mask, which always looks great on Tim Drake, but nothing about it is remarkable enough.

Robin is better off wearing other costumes but if you want to get this outfit, it’s not a bad thing either. You’ll have to collect 12 of Batman’s secret caches on different nights to acquire the Knight Ops suit. 

12. Beyond

beyond suit

If you expect Robin’s Beyond suit to resemble his Batman Beyond comic look, you’ll be disappointed. It’s a missed opportunity because it looks much better than the one in the game.

And why is he.. bald? We don’t know. Nonetheless, you can’t go wrong with an all-black look. Though it looks more like a Batman suit than a Robin suit, we ranked this lower on the list.

11. Privateer


A lot of people aren’t a fan of Privateer suits in Gotham Knights, mostly because it doesn’t connect to the story of the game or the comics. But I’d be lying if I said that the steampunk pirate aesthetic doesn’t make the heroes look cool.

The suit style features a lot of heavy coats and belts, with the heroes wearing elegant masks and clean hairstyles. They all come together perfectly to create a vintage look; strangely enough, I like it. 

10. Shinobi


The Shinobi is a hit or miss for some characters, but the sleek ninja look suits Robin given that he’s a steal-focused character. Again, the hooded mask is always a nice touch.

The Shinobi styles strongly focus on Japanese culture, giving the heroes of Gotham City an exciting wardrobe choice. If that’s your thing, then you’ll enjoy the Shinobi. 

9. New Guard

new guard

The New Guard is Robin’s default suit in the game, and so are the other characters. It has also been used for promotional material for Gotham Knights, so the developers did have to make sure that it looks good while making sense for the character.

It looks plain compared to his other team members’ costumes, but it makes perfect sense, given that he’s a rookie and is the youngest member. 

8. Neon Noir

neon noir

Because Gotham Knights is a detective game so it’s bound to have noir-inspired costumes. It’s not the best outfit for Nightwing or Redhood, but Robin’s Neon Noir suit makes good use of his color scheme. The jacket makes him look like a biker, and they also gave him a good hairstyle.

7. Year One

year one suit

It’s always interesting to see what each hero wears for this suit style. From the name itself, Year One is meant to reimagine what the characters’ starter suit would look like. Robin’s Year One outfit looks way better than his New Guard one, but I understand why they wouldn’t use this for the promotional material. 

6. Metal


The Metal set is a better version of the Talon style. Here, you’ll be able to tell who’s under the suit because it incorporates Robin’s color scheme and uses his signature cape. It’s less flashy compared to his team members, but that’s the point of his character. Overall, it’s a neat-looking futuristic suit for Tim Drake.

5. Demon

demon transmog

All of the characters’ Demon outfits look badass, the same goes for Robin. The Demon looks objectively better than many of his other suits, but the problem with it is that it’s more of a Damien Wayne suit than a Time Drake suit.

If you’ve played Injustice 2, you’ll know why. This is disappointing as he often gets overshadowed by other Robins, which is why they should have incorporated his color scheme if they wanted to go for this style.

4. Knighthood


Robin’s Knighthood suit is a somewhat minimalistic version of the previous suit we mentioned. The all-black scheme, the hood, and the green accents on it are well thought out and make him look both mysterious and dangerous at the same time. Here, it uses Tim Drake’s signature color. 

3. Titan


The Titan is one of the best suit styles in Gotham Knights, and out of all the heroes, Robin has the best variation of this outfit. It combines all the good elements from other suit styles like Knightwatch, Eternal, and Privateer.

Another reason why this outfit is so good is that it has a cowl mask and cape, which are things the original Red Robin suit had.

2. Eternal


If you want something close to his actual comic appearance, the Eternal suit screams Red Robin. The developers took a few liberties with the details, but it’s pretty much the same suit with the yellow robin logo, the cowl mask, the cape, and the red-and-black scheme. 

1. Knightwatch

knightwatch transmog

The Knightwatch is arguably the best suit in all of Gotham Knights. It’s the suit you unlock after completing the game, and worth getting. Tim Drake’s Knightwatch set is heavily inspired by the iconic comic look that established himself as the new Robin and Batman’s sidekick.


And that’s all of Robin’s suits in Gotham Knights, ranked!

We hope you enjoyed this ranking and found some of your favorites high up on the list. While you’re still here, you might want to see our other Gotham Knights tier lists if you’re interested to see what other characters wear for each suit style. 

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